Teairra Mari Preps EP for August

Teairra Mari

While her sophomore album no longer has an official release date, Teairra Mari has something to satisfy hungry fans in the meantime.

The former Princess of the Roc will release a five-song EP on August 17 via Warner Bros. Records. The sampling is a prequel to her oft-delayed album At That Point, which includes the current single “Sponsor” featuring Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy.

On August 20, Teairra will make her first appearance on the big screen in Warner Bros. Pictures’ Lottery Ticket. She plays the role of Nikki Swasey alongside Ice Cube, Bow Wow, and Mike Epps. “I’m like the hot chick in the projects, but something’s not right because I’m still in the projects!” she jokes.

Catch Teairra Mari live this summer in the following cities.

June 18 – Shreveport, LA – KMJJ Birthday Bash
June 19 – Charlotte, NC
June 25 – Los Angeles, CA – Warner Bros. Records Party
June 26 – New Jersey – FMF Car Show
July 1 – Chicago, IL – Taste of Chicago
July 2 – Indianapolis, IN
July 3 – Charlotte, NC
July 10 – Tampa, FL
July 11 – Cleveland, OH – WENZ Summer Jam Concert
July 30 – Toronto, Canada

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  1. Dave

    Good luck to her.


  2. The Prophet Blog

    Love it.

    I’m sure she got fed up with the label drama and just begged her label to let her release something, so they’ve put this together.

    It’s better than nothing and I’d buy it if they released it where I’m from (which they so won’t).

    I don’t know what they are waiting for though. Sponsor did well, so if they keep waiting they may not have another charting single to support the album with and then it could get shelved.


  3. carl

    I love her so much I’m sick of waiting though!!!! :@ I will always support u tea tea!!!


  4. Will

    Man the album aint commin out no more theres no point. Her label already invested too much money and she hasnt had a hit yet to this project. Just shelve the album.


  5. humberto

    Why she dont finally release it as a digital album? I dont understand why wait so much for a project that cant go too far =~~
    I want her album!


  6. Rhino

    She needs to split from WB and drop the album INDEPENDENTLY.


  7. ...

    smh give up, girl


  8. ThaBeyonceStan

    Im sick of waiting


  9. Rhino

    @ Will & …

    Haters gonna hate…but she’s still about to prove her worth!


  10. Creat1ve

    I just don’t understand it, right now Sponsor is still doing good, you’ve got Automatic doing a little something, why wait all the way til’ August? These record labels need to quit pushing back albums and start pushing them up. Plus, the more time they wait, the more chances that her album can leak.


  11. JD

    Her album was supposed to come last year. Nobody is gonna keep waiting for a cd with only 10 or 14 songs


  12. Rhino

    Would not surprise me if we saw a 37-track double album a la Lil’ Flip’s “I Need Mine” (which, coincidentially, was also released on WB/Asylum).


  13. Shaniqua

    She’s talented. She’s pretty. I don’t see why her label can’t get it together. SMH


  14. harmony

    that’s to cute guh but the people thats hateing on you just going to talk shit always !!!


  15. harmony

    thats to cute guh


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