Nicki Minaj Tones Down the Sexiness

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj may ooze sex appeal, but the hip-hop honey is making a conscious effort to take it down a notch.

“I made a conscious decision to try to tone down the sexiness,” she tells Interview magazine. “I want people—especially young girls—to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.”

While she strives to be a role model, she also embraces her individuality. “I don’t mind being called a weirdo,” shares the “Your Love” rapper. “There are a lot of people in hip-hop who are probably never going to get what I do. But, by just being myself, I end up touching a lot more people who might never have paid much attention to a female rapper.”

She’s worked with Usher, Ludacris, Robin Thicke, and Lil Wayne, but she’s still in awe of her collaboration with a pop diva. “Not only did we do a song together, but I was in a video with Mariah Carey! I still haven’t gotten over that!”

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  1. @spencerG4L

    I love her. The end


  2. L0VEKING.

    Nooo! Stay sexy Nicki! I love you!


  3. Bryan

    Good for her.


  4. L0VEKING.

    She is a good role model though!


  5. @spenceG4L

    Ooops this is my right name. Follow me if you love her. She doesn’t need to dumb her sex appel down at all


  6. mzzjones

    i absolutely love Nicki Minaj. She has so many great qualities about her.


  7. Dillon_68

    Nicki is such a good-hearted person. And maybe if she tones the sexy down, Lil Kim will stop bitching over her….Kim acts like she’s the only femcee that can be a sex symbol with her ugly ass.


  8. Bugz Bunny

    i’m laughing my sweet ass off , right in West Africa..


  9. TeriusnashsMustache

    ^ Agreed


  10. fi

    She should tone down everything
    and please learn to rap!
    Her 15 Minutes are over very soon!


  11. just peachy

    i luv nicki this the first time i ever paid attention 2 femcee cept 4 trina but now watchin all of over ….. all 6 im glad nicki inspirin other gurls 2 come into rap


  12. Joyams

    I like her, that’s all i can say. And Up out my face with MC was for sure one of her best featuring.


  13. RUDE BOY

    I wish she’d speak on a video for Your Love!


  14. WhatTheF

    Not only did her and Big Mimi do a song and a video together, it also FLOPPED!

    She says she’s just being herself, um, The real Onika Miraj is not a wierdo from what I’ve seen. You are not being yourself. Nothing wrong with that though.

    I’m just stating Facts!

    Long Live Queen Bee!



  15. Lilovaboy

    Long life to nicki and for gods sake theres no queen b aside from Beyonce herself.This friggin lil kim didnt had a freakin single hit since 1902 so puhleasseee stop that.Nickis tha shit and mariah too.Long live to those queens.


  16. Bb

    Nicki minaj is just one of the most inlfuinsional people well at least to me and I kinna feel like she isn’t being herself because of this which I’m not her so I really can’t say that but this move on her part is a huge step towards influincing not just young woman but to everyone just I’m impressed how she’s coming through thank you Nicki :)


  17. Bb

    And don’t be dissin Nicki and exspecially mariah I may my God she has made it over 20 years in the biz so she knows what to do ps it was a flop bc of ppl like you who don’t giv it a chance plus no one can barely afford stuff on iTunes and junk anymore so maybe that also why it’s a flop


  18. hello

    i luv nicki and she shouldnt tone down her sexiness she should stay that way it makes her her!


  19. Bb

    And how are you goin to tell someone if they are bein dem selves or not they are who they are so they are allways them self durr y’all truelly need to step y’all cookies or whatever y’all got up


  20. moran

    Nicki you the bestest.


  21. WhatTheF

    @Bb Shut up. I liked “Up Out My Face” but like I said, IM STATING FACTS! It flopped. U MAD?

    STAY MAD :)


  22. niki whack

    How is she a role model, Nicki Minaj is a FAIL, why does she do they stupid ass faces, she looks like a fkin idiot!!!! Young Money is garbage


  23. Bb

    As I said too ppl can’t afford as much asthwy used to so take that in consideration and i’m not gonna get mad over something stupid haha sorry did I dissapionting u


  24. Dan

    “But, by just being myself, I end up touching a lot more people who might never have paid much attention to a female rapper.”

    Oh, she’s definitely ‘touched’ more people than before her fame alright! lol



    People just can’t stop mentioning the QUEEN BEE i understand why ya’ll mad though because that’s who ya’ll favorite rapper Nicki Minag wants to be Liddle Kimberly lol.


  26. newii_babbii

    for mi personal i believe if she wants to become a role model than she better do that …..she looks much more better than all the pink , blonde, gree, hair….anthing is that she should remove that but implant than she be on her way to becoming a role model like beyonce and etc…….


  27. AAA

    This is my girl , and she is doing what a female rapper hasn’t done in a long time…Nicki I love ya


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  29. swaggamcjagga

    @ Fi…I doubt it! Nikki is being carefully crafted. She has some great people behind her. And she is a femcee and not just another person who wants to rap. I can see her being around for a while. Especially with a move like this. I actually like her more than drake.


  30. ciaraStan



  31. kj

    rap-up you pay way too much attention to her! you post every little thing she says or does. come on!

    And calling her a “Your love rapper”… It’s funny. I wonder how many people knows that song… : P

    not hatin, just sayin.


  32. LShea

    The same people who would say Nicki is not just being herself would argue that Lady GagGag is. Hmm…

    And anyway, NO ONE in the professional entertainment business is a role model, or hardly any one. Come on, now!

    And final point: it seems some “folks” can’t stand if people like to do their own thing and don’t care what other people think. More than likely it’s because they’re too scared to try it themselves. It’s so pathetic it’s almost amusing. A hater who hates just because someone’s doing something they wish they could do is the ultimate fail. And calling flops left and right? The reason things “flop” is because the one’s calling “flop” aren’t paying for the music they listen to. Well, it’s no wonder, is it? Cause if you bought that “flop” first (instead of downloading it) before you decided it was a flop maybe it wouldn’t be one. Wow.


  33. LShea

    Forgot this: Not a fan but I think it’d be good if she tones down the sexiness while keeping the fashion. That’s the thing I like about her.


  34. UltraKid

    Nicki Minaj a good role model???…might I guess these young girls have never heard of Lauryn Hill have they…I recommend buying The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill for anyone who hasn’t yet.


  35. Jade

    Well that’s good to hear.


  36. MeLissa

    yea, she needs to stop showing off her fake ass and show girls they dont have to undergo surgeries to be pretty. she was pretty before the unnecessary nose job and booty shots… so i think she owes it to little girls to cover up.


  37. dre

    i like nicki minaj


  38. keyana

    shes ga thats what people say but i dont no


  39. keyana

    i dont give of crap she the hardest
    i bet trina some where crying


  40. bijan

    how the fuck is she a role model


  41. Monster

    Love Nicki. It’s things like this that keep her light years ahead of Kim in my book.


  42. Kyle

    I respect her for that. It’s good to that she is making this decision so early on in her career before her debut album is released. I can see her doing big things.


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  44. LOL

    Man she just needs to be real and not on this fake ish. Like “I like girls…. blah blah blah….” She is not going to last because if you dont know who you are then how are your fans going to except you.

    OVER anD OUT


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  46. jaisha

    all, yall need to stop hatin on nicki minaj!


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