Video: Drake Raps with Jimmy Kimmel and Nicki Minaj

Drake and Jimmy Kimmel

Drake took over Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” participating in a sketch, sitting on the couch for an interview, and performing on the outdoor stage, wearing his favorite letterman jacket.

First Drizzy and the talk show host had us laughing with a rap about celebrity tweeters, including Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber. “That was one of the most riveting times I’ve ever had in my entire life,” he joked.

During his sit-down, the charismatic rapper spoke about being Jewish, what Lil Wayne was doing when they met for the first time, and the advice his boss gave him. “Please never stop smiling, please never get a tattoo, just be yourself. That’s why people like you and that’s why this is working,” Weezy told him.

To top it off, Young Money’s shining star tore up the stage with “Over” and flirted with a demure Nicki Minaj during “BedRock.” Watch below!

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  1. queen beyonce

    YOUNG MONEY!!! lmfao @ the skit


  2. AAA

    I love them so much….and am I first for once yes!!!!


  3. kay

    i love him <3


  4. Lisa

    Drake iz so fuckin shmexiiiiiiiiii………..juss look @ hiz eyez……imma get some of dat!!!!!!!! :)


  5. Reon cahon

    That was cute.

    Nicki: Me & you ?
    Drake: What not ?
    Nicki: Young Money. lol


  6. jessef

    i loved it


  7. BowChickaWahWah

    That sketch was sooo good! haha


  8. Albert

    i went to this yesterday. all i can say is nicki looks way better in person!!! and drake was dope he did the resitance, show me a good time, forever, im going in, 4 my town (with birdman) every girl, best i ever had [he also rehearsed karaoke, unthinkable, and up all night but didnt perform those]


  9. Cjay Smith

    In the long run…this kid Drake will become a legend…he is jus starting and he has achieved soo much…thats why i jus sigh when people go and compare him to legends like Em, Kanye, and Jay… he is jus actually beginning his journey in this industry… and what i really like about him is that he is really willing to improve and grow unlike a lot of these fake artists you hear nowadays….all i am saying is that him and a bunch of other rappers and producers in this new wave will also have their time to shine and go down in the history of this music genre.


  10. t-baby

    That jacket is little he is too tall to be rocking an XS jacket. Other that it was entertaining, but the young jacket was hella distracting.


  11. WhatTheF

    Now every time I see Nicki MiKimClone, I think of The Queen Bee


  12. yulie

    love them hahaha


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  14. Andre Le Dale

    Nicki is too damn cute.





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  17. chris2fly



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