Ameriie and Fiancé Party in Cannes

Lenny Nicholson and Ameriie

The beautiful Ameriie, who recently added an I to her name, jetted off to Cannes, France, where she partied with her fiancé Lenny Nicholson and clubgoers at Club Palm Beach and St. Tropez VIP in the French Riviera. She hosted as DJ Felix da Housecat worked the ones and twos.

Amerie’s 2007 single “Gotta Work” is featured in a promo for the new season of AMC’s Emmy-winning series “Mad Men.” Watch here.

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  1. Jeffery J-Boe

    Yes!!!, I Cannot Wait Until Amerie Or Ameriie Album Comes Out, She Is Really Working Hard On Her Personal, and Professional Life, and She Looks So Beautiful, Sexy, and Happy… Amerie Or Ameriie For 2010, and Beyond.


  2. Teewee

    ommgeee, she looks amazing! I love how she is doing more events and performing now. Yes Ameriie. . come to Belgium please! I hope she blows up on this album because she deserves it!


  3. Phoenix_Wright

    It looks like she performed…. and yet the fans still can’t find any videos of her performing at these parties! lol

    Thx for the pics Rap-up!


  4. AmerieWeb

    Amerie looks great! Now…all we need is great music.


  5. Shamn

    My Korean Goddess looks drop dead gorgeous! Nobody in the industry looks like her and is still humble as she is! I hope she gets in the studio with Paul van Dyk! Now that would make my year! And Thank You RAP-UP for updating us on our queen! We love u guys & the site and will continue to support the site!


  6. i.d

    She actually looks younger than when she 1st came out
    she’s getting THICKER
    look at those sexy legs


  7. David

    She’s gorgeous & her new album is gonna punch the fuck out of anything any other artist has ever released cause Amerie is truly an “ARTIST.” :D


  8. Sergio

    Damn A serve straight cunt and I love it. She is doing the damn thing. I can’t wait til her official first single comes out. This albums will hopefully be her hugest album to date.


  9. LaMont

    Her next album is her make or break it album! If it doesn’t make it her career is over!


  10. WhatTheF

    Giirl Byye!


  11. Shamn


    No gorl u are excused! Don’t come in Amerie’s post being disrespectful mmmkay! Be gone crab!


  12. Jordyn

    owwww she looks like a Ford Model & look at her & Len so cuyte. I wonder is she going to shoot the video for Who’s Gonna Love You anytime soon or are they releasing another single? I hope they go with another single because I want a huge first single from her and WGLY isn’t that huge imo. I hope she gets a reality show on E! Channel. Now that would be amazing promo for the album!


  13. IRSMRT

    shut up, WhatTheF. stay mad :]



  14. AJ

    Awe look @ A..lookin good as usual! looks like they had a good time


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