Jennifer Lopez to Join ‘American Idol’

Jennifer Lopez

She acts, sings, and dances, and now Jennifer Lopez may be adding a new gig to her résumé. The superstar has reportedly signed on to judge America’s biggest television show.

Deadline Hollywood reports that J.Lo has inked a deal to become a judge on the tenth season of “American Idol,” replacing Ellen DeGeneres who announced her exit today. The singer-actress would serve on the judging panel with Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi. Negotiations began months ago, but a deal was not finalized until this week.

Lopez was the celebrity mentor on Latin night during the talent competition’s sixth season. She has been busy recording her next album Love?, set for release on her new home at Island Def Jam.

Deadline Hollywood was first to report Lopez’s move from Epic Records to Island Def Jam.

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  1. Dillon_68



  2. TomTom

    As much as I love J.L, I don’t know how I feel about that one!


  3. Trey

    They really need to re-do the whole panel.
    I think they need to get Usher or JT on board or some other R&B singer then a producer.


  4. True Blue

    Damn, her career is really in the toilet, isn’t it?


  5. Tia-Bia

    Seriously? lol

    I love Jenny, but no ma’am. She needs to just join Kimora with a reality show on the Style network.


  6. CiaraGotTheMoves



  7. Diamond

    American Idol is so wack now.

    And JLO doesn’t even have that strong of a voice to even be judging.


  8. rob

    *side eye* jennifer lopez should not be judging anyones singing , maybe she could do so you think you can dance but not American Idol. her husband can blow he would be a better choice before her


  9. stfu

    lol she beat diddy ! haha diddy wanted that job soooo bad Lol


  10. WhatTheF



  11. Lindsay

    That sounds great! I love me some J. Love, and if people remember properly when she mentored she actually was very good, she knows how to work what she has and gave some good pointers.
    God I think they should get all new people, Randy is a douche bag and Kara needs to be slapped.


  12. DeAnna

    All the haters shut up, I mean Paula (love her) didn’t have a strong voice either! But she was a great judge for humor and insight. So sit down with your negativity!


  13. drtash

    ^i agree, I think she should’ve been first choice coz she’s just like Paula in that she’s been in the game for a long time and Paula couldn’t sing that well either but like her, Jennifer can dance her ass off and she’s a great entertainer. It’s not like anyone on the panel (apart from Kara) can sing so GTFOH with that. The important thing is, unlike Ellen, she actually knows a thing or two about music and the industry. Until a better choice comes along I say go for it.


  14. GeeGee

    Would rather see Jennifer judge than Diddy.


  15. Kevin

    I’m excited for J.Lo to join … but I’m aware that I’m proabably the only one. And I hear Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones might join too. This may seem whack now but hey, keep in mind these are ACTUAL stars. Remember when we all met Paula and were like, “You mean “Straigh-Up” girl? And Kara who’s last name I still can’t pronounce. This may work out better ’cause I did not watch a single episode while Ellen was on.


  16. Purple

    I cant wait finaalllyyy They hav really put sum1 on there thhat reallly has talent


  17. Zorian

    I’m so over American Idol. The best part about it is the bad auditions. After that part, I don’t follow it. Oh I may tune in on the last day to see who won, but mostly I don’t care. I knew it was over when they invited Ellen to join the cast of judges. Now I love Ellen, but that was a bad fit. And the Giodoggie chick….I mean really! Who was she and were in hell did she come from anyways? When she took off her clothes that time to compete with a bikini clad chick trying to warble her way into the top 12, I gagged. Not only did they both sound awful, but I thought how funny this Idol judge felt so insecure and intimidated by this girl who couldn’t sing anyway, that she would humiliate herself on national tv to prove a point? What that she can’t sing either? There was no need for a fourth judge anyway. They should have just given Paula the raise she wanted. It wasn’t broken so why did they have to try and fix it? Bad choices were made. Are the ratings even still good? Now JLo????? Oh hella naw! She can’t sing for shit but I love her and all just not for Idol. It’s gonna be wrong, wrong, wrong. Like CiaraGotTheMoves said, it’s time to put American Idol out of it’s misery. Randy, dude, everybodys moving on but you dog. LOL. You’ll be okay. You were a musician once remember? Get unstuck man. Let it go. You’ll get another job.


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