Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’ Video Gets Premiere Date

Eminem and Rihanna

Those yearning to see Eminem and Rihanna’s on-screen chemistry won’t have to wait much longer. The highly-anticipated video for the superstars’ No. 1 collaboration has a premiere date.

The clip for “Love the Way You Lie,” the second single from Eminem’s chart-topping album Recovery, will debut Thursday night (Aug. 5) on MTV. “Got the new @Eminem video featuring Rihanna,” tweeted the MTV Jams account. “Very cinematic…Good shit! We’re premiering it too. This has been a good season for videos.”

Director Joseph Kahn finished editing the video on Monday and had one request of his viewers. “Watch it fully streamed, volume turned up, quiet room, turn off your phone. Thanks,” he wrote on Twitter.

In addition to Eminem and Rihanna, the blockbuster video also stars Hollywood hotshots Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan.

UPDATE: The video will premiere on MTV and VEVO on Thursday, August 5, at 9 p.m. EDT.

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  1. MB

    Omg what is that Eminem picture from? he looks like a queen! lol


  2. Rihanna2k10



  3. WhatTheF

    I can’t wait to see Queen Rihanna in this video! Eff the rest!


  4. albin eminem

    yeah em em em


  5. yourlove

    the #1 song in the country


  6. katherine

    OMFG!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!



  7. Nicky

    SUPPORT ROCKSTAR 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. whizzpup

    Looking forward to checking this out, even if the song is getting on my nerves now!


  9. midouch

    i cant wait to 5 aug to see love the way you lie
    i’m so excited


  10. Toolondeck

    might be just me, but i kinda only feel Em’s part tho.


  11. Iamsocool

    I waited too long for this Thumbs up if you agree ! Ohh wait -_-


  12. Shady for life

    yaaah, finally a release date … didnot know how long they were gonna make us wait for this shit >… Yahooo :P YAhhh super xicted to me >EMINEM<


  13. wellington

    Still top da chart.daaaaaaaaanm


  14. newii_babbii

    wow .. i been waiin a long time for this shq better be good or i’mm be swearin and every thing like crazy .. cockiness ,,, ahah


  15. hello

    i cant wait!


  16. jhuntdaprodigy

    Love The Way You Lie & Power vids dropping the same day, that’s wassup!!!


  17. Trey

    Eminem look gay as hell LMAO….he look like the lady that sings “Sweet Dreams are made of this/who am i to disagree LMAO


  18. j7

    eminem has has a bigger rack that rihanna in that picture.


  19. lucy

    Why is eminen always moody, dude must be unhappy in his personal life or he’s introvert. He needs to let loose sometime and enjoy life, i mean be happy.


  20. Scott Houston

    hay Rihanna Im just saying I love your music and muisc Is way Im alive so music is a part of me Rihanna not just your music everyones music Is way Im alive and Rihanna Scott Houston Is your new fan just fan I dont go out with woman that or superstars you want to no why cuise I have batter things to do then get my heart broken and cry and Bitch over woman like you Rihanna and so Rihanna Im just I fan that loves music a lot your music so Scott Houston Is your new fan I just want to fit in somewere but Its not going to happen cuise Im a loser who dose not need people to care about me and you people will never care no Rihanna or Leona Lewis or Alicia Keys cuise you say Im crazy will Its who I am

    To Rihanna
    from Scott Houston


  21. Daniel

    Eminem is a Legend.


  22. Pinki

    Eminem is so thin now !!!

    Eminem is finally coming to Germany. Please


  23. Pinki

    Eminem is the best. When I was pregnant in 2003, he had unfortunately the concert abgesagt.Aber he will always remain the best for me.


  24. Prima Donna

    Im sorry but I dont like the song, and im really not to big a RiRi fan its time to get off the coat tails of what happen with her and chris brown and its time for her to make some music that sounds less I wanna slit my wrist-ish….Sorry Guys


  25. steven walter

    Like this


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