Video: Keri Hilson Backs T.I. at ‘Takers’ Premiere After-Party

Keri Hilson and T.I.

Less than a week after his wedding to Tiny, T.I. was back onstage for the first time since becoming a married man. He performed “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” and his dedication to the new Mrs. Harris, “Got Your Back,” on which he was joined by fellow Atlantan Keri Hilson. Watch them unite at the Takers premiere after-party live from Hollywood.

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  1. Music Lover

    Why the back track is louder than Keri Hilson?

    She sucks. No stage presence. Nothing. She looks thou.


  2. WhatTheF

    KeRihanna is relying heavily on the back track. SHAMEFUL!


  3. tip

    keri looks great!
    And tip i know u did hit that


  4. Ummmm ???

    Keri Sucks Live -__-

    LOVE T.I THOUGH !!! =)


  5. g3

    They both look good yumm…


  6. Fenty_Luv

    cant sing and now that she failed stealing Ciara’s look shes now after Rihanna….girl i cant


  7. #TeamTip

    T.I. killed it cant wait for Takers Aug 27 and King Uncaged TeamTip


  8. rhea

    i like keri buh the whole hairstyle screams rihanna to me…and i know rihanna didnt create that kind of hairstyle…buh the way keri styled it and the way Ri styled it is jus tooooo similar..-__-


  9. Purple

    ayyyyyyy get it keriiiiii


  10. lies

    Kerihanna omg whoever created that is GENIUS!


  11. mindgames

    LAY OFF THE RIHANNA COMPARISONS. it’s just a fucking hairstyle. get over yourselves

    and haters are ugly


  12. JayRide

    This is exactly y rhi rhi died her hair red bcuz she saw this swagga jacka rockn her shyt. she tried princess cici and queen b nd they wasnt havin that! Bey”How u gone b tawkin shyt u act like i jus got a hit im the numba one diva in this game for a minute”
    C “i let u in the game free, shawty whole album sound just like me u said u wasnt tawkin bout me when i know that u was tawkin bout me!


  13. newii_babbii

    wow .. just great .. i cnt wait to go see t.i live again .. seriously hahah .. it the kIng bitch


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