Is Mariah Carey Headed to ‘American Idol’?

Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson

Now that Jennifer Lopez is out, will Mariah Carey be the next American Idol judge? That’s that latest rumor following the recent shake-up over at the hit reality show competition, which recently saw Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuadri leaving their posts at the FOX network. The show’s upcoming tenth season was set to feature J. Lo as a judge until her diva demands got her booted from the competish, but now, there’s another diva who’s ready to join remaining judge Randy Jackson on the panel.

“Mariah wants it,” a source tells E! News, adding that her hubbie’s success in primtime has been a big influence. The source also dished that Mimi has seen what America’s Got Talent has done for her man and thinks it would be a “good career move.”

Cannon previously spoke on his wife’s involvement with A.I., telling The Hollywood Reporter that she’s been toying with the decision to join the show as a judge. “She talks about it,” he revealed. “She says, ‘I would love to do that.’ She is one of the greatest singers of our time; she would be great.”

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  1. TTB

    I would start watching it again!!!


  2. Deangelo R.

    I will definitely start watching Idol again if she becomes a judge. I love me some Mimi!


  3. I love MC!

    I love MC but she’s too good and too famous for this show… it will ruin her career. MC is more successful when she moves away from the spotlight and gives us music and movies, with interviews and performances (tours). Don’t do it MIMI!!!!!


  4. MC would be too nice!

    MC would be too nice to the contestants. I think Idol is using MC… they think she’ll be a hot mess like Paula. Btw… Steven Tyler is a HUGE hot mess…


  5. WOW

    How would this ruin her career???? She’s 20 years deep now she aint got nothin to prove!


  6. Diego

    i would watch it..just for MC


  7. Yeah

    This would be the biggest mistake in her career if she accept.

    Mariah is a legend, her STAR quality will dominish if she became judge on the show.

    Once you become known to the public as a judge that’s all you become to them, a judge. You think anyone from today’s generation who watches AI knows Randy Jackson is an actual musician and producer, or that Paula Abdul was huge in the 80′s? They’re just judges to public.

    Someone please put sense into her


  8. WhatTheF

    I’m I the only one that noticed how weird her head looks on that pic?


  9. A Realist

    I would probably actually watch if Mariah was on there. Shiiiit, might even audition just to meet her. :P Ew @ Steven Tyler being a judge. Wtf?


  10. This is stupid

    I would stop watching Idol. Didn’t we already have one incoherent judge on AI, now another? What a waste to have mariah on the show. I’m ready to say give J-lo and Shania whatever they want.


  11. Cari

    NO, I hope Mariah is NOT gonna do this! I Love me some Mimi but like others said this would NOT be a good career move. She would be another Paula.. and that’s not what we need, we need a Simon and that’s whats gonna get people watching.

    But I’m not gonna lie, I prolly would still watch just to support my girl.. =\


  12. tahoegeminii

    didn’t her and J Lo have this huge under dressing war a few years back?-every red carpet they would see who could wear the least amount of clothes-then J Lo’s movie career lit up and Glitter freaked us all out and Mariah did a wicked witch of the west meltdown for couple of years-then J Lo had twins without turning into a blimp and is in top form again-meanwhile Mariah marries her son and gains an easy 50 if not 80 lbs in the the 2 yers after tying the knot and keeps pregnancy rumors swirling as a excuse for macking down doubl double’s at FatBurger-so my bet is anytime Mariah thinks she can one up J Lo -she will-as far as which one is an “idol” judge goes-the only difference would be the size of the chair


  13. angelo

    i would definitely watch it just to see her…luv MC so much


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