Yelawolf in Awe Upon Meeting Eminem

Yelawolf and Eminem

Industry big wigs like Big Boi and Eminem have boldly co-signed Yelawolf, yet the Alabama MC constantly receives comparisons to his white counterpart. Rap’s rising star recalls coming face-to-face with Slim Shady for the first time.

“It was overwhelming at first,” he tells “I thought, ‘I’ll just be cool,’ but when I saw him it was different. This dude is like history. I felt the same when I met Big Boi and [André] 3000. These megastars and culturally-influential people, the first couple minutes you’re just in awe.”

During his long-awaited meeting with Eminem, the two chatted more about life in general rather than cranking out raps. Naturally, Em had some wisdom to share with Yelawolf, who has a hedonist edge with alcohol at times. “We talked about shows and touring and shit,” reveals Yela. “I like to drink a lot, but I sobered up. I got some advice from him about getting shit under control based on his experiences.”

Em also gave Yelawolf a chance to play new music for him and vice versa. “I just gave him my story—where I was from, how my music developed, and I let him listen to some material on the new album,” he says. “He did me the honor of letting me hear his shit before it came out and it was dope.”

Yelawolf’s upcoming album, Trunk Muzik 0-60, won’t have a Marshall Mathers feature, but he remains positive about a future collaboration. “We haven’t done any work together yet, but I got a lot of work to do, just payin’ my dues makin’ records and I think it will happen in the future,” states Yelawolf.

Jim Jonsin, another industry associate the young rapper looks up to, entered the picture when Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment founder KP Prather invited the beatmaker to one of Yelawolf’s studio sessions while recording at Columbia Records. The two white boys with a shared penchant for Southern rap hit it off quick. “We come from the same path—white boy trailer park—and we just became homies,” shares Yelawolf. “We hang out and go on motorcycles and kick it. We’ve got a record coming out called ‘Billy Crystal Meth’ and I’m sure we will be working together again.”

–Evelyn Kim

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  1. Crying Like a B



    Biggy Reply:

    @Crying Like a B, C’mon Man!!! You Crazy??? Eminem Is “Rap God”


  2. Pinoy

    Can’t wait to hear this new cat in the rap game.


  3. joe franco

    yela is gonna change the game!


  4. Tay

    Eminem is betta den yelawolf by far


  5. Colin smith

    Yelawolf is finally making it! I’ve been watching him for a while and he is as good if not better than marshal will ever be. If anything yelawolf will surpass marshal in fame, respect, and overall emceeing! Yelawolf is my boy! He is the truth! I’ve known him since he sat on my front porch in Antioch tn and skated with me! He is true to himself and he will be the best! My sister summer should have never let him get away! I’d be playing drums with him if only she wasn’t so stupid!


  6. ShystyOne

    Just respect two different and dope artists. Aint no one better than the other, enjoy both their cds.


  7. SoSerious504

    Yelawolf is definatly gonna make it! None of these haters can stop him the more they try. Haters be the main ones helping him out lol. Bu anywayz yelawolf doing hins thang. I want to make a song with yelawolf lol im so mad


  8. A Realist

    Lol at “Billy Crystal Meth”. Cant wait to hear what that sounds like.


  9. Sly B.

    Yelawolf got skill no doubt, wait and see world!


  10. Truth

    Eminem is living legend…

    He’s the best rapper in history. No one will ever come close to being as good a lyricist as him.

    Yela is garbage compared to Em… wake up you retards!


  11. Nasir

    Yay conflict about who’s better. Right now in Yelawolf’s career, he can’t touch Em. In fact, he should need a permit to say his name. Em is God, contrary to the first poster’s opinion. Yelawolf might be good, he might get good, whatever, but there’s no reason to compare the two, especially right now.


  12. andrew

    But Eminem is the best rapper alive



    the point of this article is not to fucking compare two artists cause they both happen to be white. its to celebrate a very talented artist coming from a state (Alabama) that is not known or recognized for the talent that CAN evolve and come from the state. I hope to be one of the artists that make it into the ears of the nation and im proud of yelawolf not only because he is an diverse, original artist…but because he is an open minded, diverse/complex mind and soul like myself. grow up and appreciate art KIDS.


  14. Ahstone

    in my opinion Yelawolf kills Eminem beat and speed wise but Eminem kills Yelawolf lyrically.I think if they team up they could really learn a lot from each-other and both improve. Maybe they will inspire each-other to mix their styles together that would be awesome. Cant wait to see if yela will become the next new member in the shady records fam.


  15. Iamhiphop

    I love em..he is great and totally changed the rap game. I have listened to yelawoulf lyrics on 0-60 and trunk muzik. And this guy’s flo is the real deal. His spit is fire and I have not heard anything better then this except from em and nas on illimatic. So you haters out there who are hating on yela, then you dont know real hip hop and go bump your drake ass music. I agree his look-is not a typical hip hop look. But he is not cookie cutter and his lyrics speak for themselves.


  16. schoolcraftkilla313

    Em.. is by far the greatest but Yela is good but will never pass Em..


  17. KidDevious

    at first i hated yela i thot he was whack but listenin to him hes str8, but em is a monster….nuff said


  18. Beastmode Pete

    Yela is sik wit the flo mane. And the only reason yela is gettin compared to eminem is because they white. That’s actually the only thing they have in common. Yela is more compared wit twista, tech nine, bone, etc. The kid is sik wit it no doubt, but he ain’t no eminem either. Right now he could carry his jock, eminem is the best of all time!!


  19. Ten

    Yela is female. Em is female. MGK is female.


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