Nelly’s ‘Just a Dream’ Makes Debut on Charts


Since Nelly released his last album, Brass Knuckles, two years ago, fans jump at the opportunity to hear new music from the St. Louis native, which is evident by his impressive entry on this week’s Billboard charts.

The Grammy-winning rapper’s Jim Jonsin and Rico Love-produced track “Just a Dream” scored a No. 8 position on the Digital Songs chart. In addition, the single debuted at No. 12 on the Hot 100, with 135,000 copies sold. Nelly’s achievement marks his highest Hot 100 rank since “Grillz” topped the chart in January 2006.

“Just a Dream” will appear on Nelly’s forthcoming album 5.0, set for release on November 16. The Midwest rhymer previously debuted the effort’s more upbeat offering “Tippin’ in da Club,” produced by JukeBox.

With a career full of respected hits, the rapper will celebrate a special accomplishment this year. 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of his debut album Country Grammar.

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  1. Bee4T

    nelly gonna kill it this year from my point of view he will be the main opponent for eminem to get grammy for album


  2. Perio

    man i hope he has Ashanti is in the video!!!!!


  3. YMCMB

    what about weezy’s “right above it” being no. 1 on the billboard digital songs chart and #6 on the billboard hot 100 while he’s in jail? not worth mentioning?


  4. Lia

    Love Nelly!!! Wish him much success with this album which I’m definitely coping Nov. 16.


  5. lsia

    @Perio, no she’s not in the video, he already started on the video. but u can follow both of them on twitter @ashanti @nelly_mo


  6. WOW

    Congrats Nelly!


  7. yeahyeah

    I’m hoping his new album, 5.0., will feature less features, but it seems highly doubt it since his last album had like 50 of them. I love this song, it reminds me of his album Suit which was an amazing C.D. Good luck to him with 5.0.


  8. Ankka

    @ yeahyeah YES YES YES!! PREACH!
    his last album had too many features! if the album is going to have 14 songs (like his last one) 5-7 features are more than enough! i want to listen to him not to other people!


  9. Dave

    I’m so happy for him. Congrats!


  10. Lisa

    I love you baby! STL, we’re about to make a comeback!


  11. Silk-luv

    The song went further then i thought!


  12. Thankmelater

    I love that new song!


  13. Grace

    How did that Tippin in the Club song do on the charts?


  14. N.Minaj

    November 16th imma gettin it!


  15. Tee

    Im glad its doing well cz I actually like the song alot. So keep it up Nelly u doin ur thang. Oh yea tell dat sexy Ashanti I said wat up tho!


  16. eric

    sup man nice song i aver hord


  17. melissa

    this is my all time favorite song i<3 u


  18. Perfectgent

    Can’t wait 4 Nov 16th. Just a dream is a great song. SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD FROM ME.


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