New Music: J. Cole – ‘Villematic’


North Carolina’s J. Cole channels the cover art and name of Nas’ classic Illmatic with his new freestyle “Villematic,” backing up comparisons to Escobar. The track, which sees the Roc Nation signee going in over Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress,” comes only a few days after ‘Ye released the freebie.

“That beat is incredible, shout to Yeezy. Much Love,” tweeted Cole.

“Villematic” could be the first from a mixtape that Cole plans to release. “I’m in a zone. Fuck it. I’ma do a mixtape,” he wrote. No complaints here.

Download: J. Cole – “Villematic”

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  1. MiGi

    he be goin IN !


  2. Dee O.

    Yes yes YES!!! I love me some J. Cole, he can do whatever the hell he wants to :)


  3. Dillon_68

    Better than Kanye’s version AND he’s reppin NC, THATS WHAT UP!


  4. cubevision

    coles name is gna ring out in hip-hop. his style is so new york hard to believe he from the south


  5. Keys

    Cole gets it in as allways. But ya’ll need to upload a better version.


  6. Cole World

    @Keys, this is the same version that cole posted on his own blog. no better version out.


  7. Joe

    Great job kid, the game need people like you. Looking foward to buying that album.


  8. Sly B.

    Cole is taking ova !!!


  9. mr

    dope i like j.cole he is the future of rap but just like always its never better than the original i prefered kanyes but people should watch out for j.cole because hes the truth


  10. OKAYYY

    J.Cole and Nas should definitely collab.. with Lauryn Hill signing the chorus and dropping a verse or two!!! ahhhh #dreamsong :)


  11. bmax

    j cole is soft niggah!!!


  12. escobar

    m just imagining what the album is going to be like if he gives tracks like this as freebies…..m just waiting for an epic album


  13. D'Angelo

    Ummm. Yea he’s cool. But we are truly living in a different world.

    ” I guess it’s in God’s hands. I make the type of pieces that make Jesus say “G*d Damn!” <<<<<That's horrible yo!

    LOL. Cum on now.


  14. j curtis

    Cole hot I would love to hear dude and Kanye spaz out on a track! J cole is lyrically the man


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