Behind the Video: Kelly Rowland – ‘Rose Colored Glasses’

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland goes 3-D in the video for “Rose Colored Glasses,” the Dr. Luke-produced single off her third solo album. Directed by Rankin (Kelis’ “Acapella”), the clip shows Kelly dealing with the pain of being in a relationship, set to vivid colors, unique visuals, and stunning shots of the Destiny’s Child alum against a background of flowing streamers.

“This video has been one of the best video experiences I’ve ever had,” she shares. “I’ve shot a lot of videos, but this one is probably the most intriguing because of how it’s shot, the lighting—everything is so detailed.”

“The inspiration behind the song is just my real life,” Kelly says of the Ester Dean-penned track. “It’s just so nice to express that emotion and get it all out there because everyone out there, I’m sure you guys can relate to the pain of feeling like a complete idiot when everybody’s laughing at you when you’re getting played by the person in your life at the time. And you just need to take off your rose colored glasses.”

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  1. workitout80

    to bad it will flop along with her other songs

    2011 beyonce get ready


  2. drebu95

    why so negative


  3. redbone22

    hater get 1 fuckin life…too bad u r so sick but who cares n who can care abt ur opinion. go kelly u r talented n we love u


  4. Sugar

    Very good concept iLIKE
    Can’t wait to see the video


  5. Myke757



  6. WhatTheF

    You forgot to mention that her flop ass wont be releasing her album til next year. She confirmed it. But are we surprised?


  7. Dizzle

    i like 2:29 thats how she gonna punch all these bitches in tha face when her album drops ;)


  8. Tyra

    Supposedly, Kelly Rowland will be shooting a new video for her Top 10 hit “Unity” as well. LOVE this song !!!


  9. Tianna

    Kelly has sold millions of singles and albums so again how she a flop I wish I could slap some of you with a dictionary to show you birds what a real failure is Because this one could never be a flop she’s beautiful she’s talented she’s god fearing she’s gracious she’s rich she’s successful she’s sold a lot of records she has awards she in a space that I gaurentee a lot of rappers and singers would kill to be in

    and it’s a shame that a so called flop is making a better video your fav lol


  10. fi

    it was about time rankin started selling out
    fuck that
    they kill all of my heroes with money one after another
    he was such an amazing photographer


  11. redbonechick22

    kelly fans don’t pay attention to people statin things they have no clue… kelly i love u, keep makin money mama. dem haters have got no life n no penny this is y they hatin n hatin…i wanna tell u noone cares abt wht u think.. go kelly, i love u, i love the way u dress, always classy n so fashion! a real black barbie.. luv ya


  12. kanyeissoilluminated

    buy her single and album and go the her concert if u are a trully dc fan!


  13. harvey

    naww this is just a mainstream song that is 50 on mediabase charts…but the radio adds the label gave it was kinda wack but whatever.


  14. loso

    I cant wait to see this.


  15. ME

    Can see she drop the D**n video already i’m getting impatience with all these push backs and teases


  16. Dave

    Looks dope. Her and her team r going INN!


  17. Me

    I’m so glad there are so much Haters,That shows how Big Kelly Is…She is truly a Commander…See how she commands the emotions of Haters and then shakes them off….I’m sure she sees all this posts and gets inspired to do more… that said the video is awesome…And Lastly at least I know Kelly aint part of that devlish thing called the mason or wat…Hell fire awaits all them mason People…Y’all know the people involved


  18. sweet chick

    Love me some kelly Rowland..Girl u are on the move keep going..command them haters @me u are so true


  19. LaMont

    Damn Kelly is fine as hell! I can’t wait to see this video!


  20. Sandra

    Can’t wait to see this video


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