New Music: Soulja Boy x 50 Cent – ‘Mean Mug’

Mean Mug

50 Cent joins forces with Soulja Boy for the boisterous joint “Mean Mug,” where each rapper takes turn spitting a few bars going at their enemies. Over a tinkering beat, the pair puts down the competition, barking at those unworthy of their time. Though the joint doesn’t have a home, it could very well be included on SB’s third album The DeAndre Way, which was just pushed back from November 2nd to the 16th.

“I did a song with my little homie soulja,” tweeted 50. “I mixed it last night this shit is so hard. He gonna f**k the club up with this. Riot music.”

Get your mean muggin’ on below.

Download: Soulja Boy x 50 Cent – “Mean Mug” [Untagged]

Audio via YourAudioFix

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  1. therealsouljagurl



  2. therealsouljagurl

    soulja boy you killed this song!! I LOVE YOU BABY



  3. therealsouljagurl

    best rapper.

    soulja boy i love you.

    you are my idol. truly.


  4. Ruffles

    Soulja boy is comin for that number one spot. Lyrics this real haven’t been witnessed since Pac was alive.
    The second coming niggas


  5. therealsouljagurl

    sbeezy is the hottest rapper out right now WOWWWW


  6. therealsouljagurl

    soulja boy and 50 cent killed this song



  7. Beyoncestan

    Are you guys serious? This is straight garbage!Ruffles needs his a$$ whipped! SB is no where near Pac and SB is the weakest rapper alive



    yo this SHIT IS FUCKIN AWESOME!!!!



    this is REALLY DOPE.


  10. Tree

    (: Congratulations, you guys…


  11. Daire

    This song aint bad


  12. EvelynSODMG

    goes hard af !! they killed it swag


  13. BestRapperSouljaBoy

    Yeah mahn S.Beezy and 50.<3


  14. emil

    I got to admit this isn’t bad. But Soulja Boi still is a shitty rapper.


  15. Gloriia_SODMG



  16. therealsouljagurl

    soulja boy best rapper alive


  17. JAH

    LMFAO! U people must be on that coke diet with Soulja Boy! This is why music has gone bad because of u telling urselves that he’s the best rapper. He is a hype man with nice beats! #Thatisall


  18. therealsouljagurl


    shut yo stupid ass up lol soulja dont do coke and he hottest rapper in the game


  19. Keith



  20. ASH

    This is super weak!!! Everyone who said this song is dope….that must be what yal are on…. Dope


  21. JD

    looks like 2012 has come early….


  22. JD

    notice how all those who say its good have either “sodmg” or “soulja” in their names smh


  23. Macarons

    @therealsouljagurl, come on…you must be kidding :D


  24. Young mo

    This song is gonna blow up !!! This is what 50 needs to do work with others


  25. yeahyeah

    Only little kids or grownups who act like little kid like Soulja’s music.


  26. Will

    Soulja boy killed this? please kill yourself and do it SLOW!!! Yall r crazy to think hes the Best Rapper. U mean rapping christmas presents?


  27. The Truth Hurts

    And this ladies and gentleman is why 50 cents last album flopped. I couldnt even listen to the whole song thats how bad it is. You do records with Soulja Boy now your music career is a wrap. Oh yeah The Deandre Flop coming to a store near u soon.


  28. Charlie

    I dont know if you guys are serious or if this is all sarcasm. Both of these artists fell off!!


  29. mistwalker

    wat is garbage? yall call this music ? wtf ? its no reason rap fell off !! im i will say this, unless ur ludacris TI scarface ,rick ross aka officer rickey or young buck its all the same, sorry to say the south is the part of the reason hip hop is dead


  30. c.webb

    fif and soulja boy killed this shit damn hard, it’s already airing on the streets,nice banger ,it’s goind to crush clubs.


  31. A Realist

    lol this song is like half good and half bad. I can see this getting heavy spins in the club, though. People gonna get crunk to this. No lie.


  32. Miniblock

    all positive comments are SARCASM
    obv this track sucks…


  33. bgben92

    i’m not a big fan of souljaboy but this song do go hard….and the reson i’d listen to this song is because 50 was on it….50 collabos are rare!!!


  34. JhuntdaProdigy

    It’s good, but come on, this ain’t no classic, he’s far from the best, and he’s far from Pac. This song knock, but yall getting crazy with it lol


  35. @KalebvBlake

    Whoever compared this to 2pac should have a hit out for them. He didn’t go around sayin “n***a f**k yo mean mug.” That didn’t make him an icon. He was an icon because he made way for himself. Here you have a business man who’s mastered the art of selling hegemonic “gangsta” culture and his young apprentice. “Send you to see yo dead mutha f****n homies”? How many rich white kids from the suburbs will be buying this from iTunes? That’s where the money’s at.


  36. Nicole

    Damn 50 you fucked up this time.SB???You kidding me?Fuck this your old shit is way better.Fans wait for you to get back at beeing real not featuring with washed up rappers like SB.PFFF


  37. Joyams

    This is good, no matter what people gonna say only because this is soulja boy.



    you’ve noticed all the “people” who said soulja killed this is the same user, right? “therealsouljagirl” posted all the same comments, spammingly saying soulja is a great rapper.



  39. KishaSODMG

    this is going #1 no doubt!!! i fux with this the longgg way loll


  40. Tim

    You people who like this garbage are idiots. grow up.


  41. LB

    Tim i feel u ryt there….fuck all yah who down with this shit…this is 2pac was alife he’d probably go hitem up on these 2 bitch niggaz….f..k 50


  42. jayhypebell

    i got say the tracks hot dont like soulja i fuck wit 50 and i got to say not a bad track i like it it can go places keep gettin money soulja and 50 drop that classic u promise


  43. True Blue

    I… cannot… stop… laughing… at… this song.

    I mean, WOW. 50 must be REALLY desperate to stoop to the level of collaborating with SOULJA FUCKING BOY, of all people. I see him on Twitter defending that no-talent dumbass like he’s a somebody. LMAO!!!


  44. Dan King

    They Got that Retarded Swagga, We Should Call that Duo “Short Bus”..)dk


  45. max

    soulja is worst rapper in this world.


  46. Conrad

    This must be a joke right?

    Wow. Worst song ever made.


  47. EveryyearIsCiaras

    The beat is crazy, but I think this song would’ve been 100x better if it was a collabo like drake and lil wayne instead. These two just can’t kill it.


  48. Dan King

    Hey Listen, That 50 and Talib Joint was off tha Hook and this is Boring..(dk


  49. Dan King

    Shit Corrextion on that…..It was Lupe and 50….Comedy another No Talent..)dk


  50. Hip Hop

    Soulja boy the best rapper alive?? wtf is going on with Hip Hop?? if that’s what you call rapping then what is kanye,Jay,etc. are doing in every song?? OMG…. Soulja boy = Wackest Rapper alive!! & 50 cent = Best Rapper in 03 !! lol


  51. Architect

    Alright this is a Ok song, but Soulja aint the hottest rapper. Eminem is sitting on the top spot right now. Soulja can not even come close to pac, Pac spoke of realness and was the realist. Soulja shouldn’t even be considered an MC, all his tracks is the same consistent shit. But he has no real lyricism to speak of.


  52. J.J.

    Dat Song Was Raw!!!


  53. rachel sarratt

    is it true the solja boy is dead because bear people tell me that he isbecause he was hight and he tho he could fly so he jumped out he windowe


  54. Elias abdiel

    I like this music


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