Black Eyed Peas Set Date for ‘The Beginning’

Black Eyed Peas

How do you follow-up one of the biggest albums of 2009? By doing it all over again. After their multi-platinum effort The E.N.D., the Black Eyed Peas have set a release date for their next offering The Beginning.

Fergie,,, and Taboo have been in the lab putting the finishing touches on their sixth studio creation, slated for release on November 30. Frontman checked in with Dipdive on set of his “Check It Out” video with Nicki Minaj, discussing how the disc is taking shape.

According to will, The Beginning will include 12 tracks, with four songs produced by DJ Ammo (Kelis’ “4th of July (Fireworks)”), three by, and two by David Guetta. A first single is expected next month, but in the meantime, fans can catch the Peas on “The E.N.D. World Tour,” heading to South America in October.

When he spoke with Rap-Up TV earlier this month, will explained that he was taking his time with the project and didn’t want to rush its release. “You want it to come out right,” he said. “You know how big that brand is? You’re talking about every country on the planet.”

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    This seemed rushed


  2. @KalebvBlake

    Definitely agreed. Check It Out’s a cool song–but the beat was made in 5 minutes. I’d like to see some more time. And the futuristic thing was cool for one album…don’t know how I feel about that for another one.


  3. u betta

    “lord send me” lol…nicki’s hilarious!


  4. KanYeezy

    uhmmm you dont like put it out in x-mas thats the dumbest thing you can do (

    come on man take time on the shit i want to here it in 2011 make that year yours again

    Im Not Hating Dont Get me Wrong, I Love Music


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  6. jj3310

    definetly rushed…whats with all the rushed music lately..artists usually have 2 years between album releases???


  7. JD

    this is way too soon….i wish ppl would take their time making music instead of puttin garbage out as a follow up


  8. NickyNone

    What are they just trying to get it out before the holidays or something?!


  9. SA

    They are putting it soon because they wrote many songs for the “The E.N.D.” album and they couldn’t fit it altogether so they are doing this album


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