Kanye West Gets a Release Date

Kanye West

After a summer full of tweets and free music, Kanye West is finally giving fans what they’ve been waiting for. The platinum-selling rapper has selected an official release date for his much-anticipated new album.

Rap-Up.com has learned that Yeezy will drop his still untitled fifth effort on November 22. This is typically one of the biggest release weeks of the year and the Monday before Black Friday when U.S. shoppers flock to stores to get a head start on their holiday shopping.

The week is shaping up to be a monster with albums from Ne-Yo (Libra Scale), Flo Rida (The Only 1), Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday), Akon (Akonic), and Lloyd Banks (H.F.M. 2) currently slated for release. Check our calendar to see who else is coming this fall.

The follow-up to 2008′s 808s & Heartbreak has spawned the singles “POWER” and “Runaway,” for which ‘Ye shot a 40-minute video in Prague starring supermodel Selita Ebanks. The song will be available October 4 on iTunes.

Kanye will continue to release free music every Friday until Christmas as part of his G.O.O.D. Friday campaign. Just last week, he gifted fans with “So Appalled,” a collaboration with RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz, and Cyhi the Prynce.

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  1. D-Money

    I could’ve sworn that that is the same day Nicki Minaj’s album drops too! It’s about to get real interesting now. Two of hip hops biggest rappers albums dropping on the same day!


  2. Humberto



  3. MeeksTopless

    All Iam going to say is Numbers don’t lie.


  4. stop_playa_hatin

    nickis come out the 23rd


  5. go


    I already set my Tivo for Saturday Night Live this week. I hope he performs Runaway.


  6. B!tch I'm Special

    Thanks Ye for not dropping the same day as your little sister Rihanna. Nicki has great features but her personal singles are wack as hell . I still like the fake bitch though


  7. Yeezy

    Mr West all day!


  8. Jaye

    I’m buying both albums so IDC. LOL


  9. ASH

    Well Im buying Kanyes CD. Because its quality shit. But Nicki is gonna sale alot too… her fan base is crazy…but I Know Kanye is gonna have that #1 spot!! Everybody & their mama’s have been waiting for this album


  10. KanYeezy

    You cant give Kanye the #1 spot , cause he already have it !!
    and Nicki’s album will be selling coowl 2


  11. J.J

    I am not wasting my time waiting or buying Kanye shit cuz all his songs are all trash this year. B.O.B is the man i respect he brought real hiphop back, I was starting to like nicki but after she keep releasing trash i started to hate her i guess she is only good on hooks(features). But Akon never disappoint me he still got his mojo BUY THE AKONIC ALBUM. Lloyd Banks HFM2 is nice its first is still on my ipod.


  12. bass_man

    That’s so inconsiderate. why can’t he do the week before? everyone in/outside of the industry wants nicki to go #1. and she probably would’ve.


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    It’s not the same day as Nicki but it is the same week. When it comes to sales the rap game is a competition so Kanye didn’t do anything wrong!

    We know Ne-Yo isn’t going to chart higher than them, it will probably be his lowest selling album. Lloyd Banks is cool, he will be pushing maybe a little less than Ne-Yo. Akon was hot for a moment but now >_>…. So Ye will be #1 & Nicki #2 or vice versa. Depends on which fans are crazier. Or the 2nd week sales could turn it around.

    I bet Ne-yo or Banks will push their dates back lol


  14. vanya1199

    Do not forget … on November 9 at the new album Susan Boyle…..it will probably for a long time leader ..


  15. trippin456

    @vanya1199 we talkin’ bout rap game here not some classical mozart BS


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  18. bella

    well i guess im not buying kanye ‘s album first week since him and nicki dropping the same time i rather have nicki be #1 its her first (debut) album and a female rapper aint had #1 in a long time hoping she can get it but i will buy kanye second week and FYI buying atleast 4-5 copies of nicki’s

    @Phoenix_Wright and they are dropping the same day everybody album that dropps on the 23 will get realsed on the 22 beacuse its a hoilday they always do that


  19. ponyo

    this should be interesting…they really trying to play the consumer…yeah i said it


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  21. MiniMe

    Michael Jackson’s new album is also coming out on November 23rd.


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  24. JhuntdaProdigy

    Well it would’ve been nice to see Nicki go #1, but I’d much rather see Kanye go #1, push a lot of units, and solidify his fullout comeback.


  25. NickyNone

    Ahhh another 2 months, not sure if I can wait that long!!! haha I’m so anxious


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