Diddy Skirts Into Scotland


Sean “Diddy” Combs is known for having a keen eye for fashion, so the music mogul tried on something new during his visit to Glasgow, Scotland, on Wednesday (Sept. 29). Puff waved the Scottish flag while boldly rocking a traditional plaid kilt and sipping whisky for his headlining gig at “MTV Crashes Glasgow” at the Old Fruitmarket (yes, that’s a real place).

His Dirty Money girls Dawn and Kalenna backed him up, and British rapper Skepta pitched in to perform tracks from the oft-delayed Last Train to Paris album. Let’s work!

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  1. Diamond

    A Mess X10 – Dawn and Kalenna, I know Diddy’s your boss but let him know that skirt looks gay, and a mess!


  2. ponyo

    will the real diddy pls stand up ? he is def gay


  3. YMCMB

    Homo. But creative. LOL.


  4. greg

    How is wearing a traditional Irish kilt homo? Smh


  5. WhatTheF

    He wants attention.


  6. greg

    **Scottish, my bad.


  7. Twitter.com/Antonios_World



  8. MiGi

    thank god its scotland or else well……………what ever gets the boys attention right diddy ? lmao !


  9. J.J.

    LOL dats funny are those women boots he’s wearin????


  10. A Realist



  11. ASH

    lmao….word???/ a Kilt my dude??? I guess once your rich then you loose your mind huh


  12. Sensible One

    SMH at the ignorance. Men wear kilts in Scotland. It’s normal for men of Irish descent to wear them. Diddy was being fashionable and yielding to the tradition of the country he was in. I live in the Deep South. I have a co-worker who recently got married and her husband, who is of Irish descent, and all his groomsmen wore kilts in the wedding. Just because people don’t do things the way you do them doesn’t make then gay.


  13. tell'em

    smh… Why won’t they hurry up and flop so Rap-Up can’t stop writing about them for awhile.


  14. tell'em

    *can stop


  15. 2XCL

    It looks like he’s trying to look all gangster in what looks like a school girl skirt. Not a good look.


  16. RL



  17. not a good look

    wth?? what a mess. They should release their album and just stop all the promotion.. i mean they promote this album since MAY or something. It makes no sense at all.


  18. Jay

    To be fair guys, this wouldn’t be seen as “gay” at all where he’s performing. Dudes walk down the streets in kilts all the time in Glasgow. It’s totally normal there.


  19. crazy5470

    WTF did he shave his legs 4 that??? The kilt is ok but those boots make him look kinda fruity…


  20. Nicole

    Its not normal here at all for guys to wear kilts down the street lol they dress the same as you guys, kilts are only worn at weddings and stuff. He does look kind of stupid in it though, but i guess he was trying to ‘embrace the Scottish culture’ idk.


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