Behind the Video: Nicki Minaj – ‘Right Thru Me’

Nicki Minaj

The drama ain’t over for Nicki Minaj. The Harajuku Barbie tackles the ups and downs of relationships in the video for “Right Thru Me,” the newest single off her debut album Pink Friday (due Nov. 23).

Speaking to “ET” from the Los Angeles set, the Young Money raptress revealed a few tidbits about the visuals for the sensual tune. “The concept of the video is boy-and-girl relationship drama, all of the intimate stuff as well as the fighting as well as the self-reflecting type stuff,” she explained. “It’s basically just a love story told from the perspective of a very hard girl who doesn’t want to give in but she has to.”

The hip-hop Barbie, who shared her love of Bruce Willis, George Michael, and Naughty by Nature’s Treach, also said that the song doesn’t just stem from a personal place, but is relatable to anyone that has ever been in a relationship.

“The song to me is very, very personal. I haven’t spoken about an authentic relationship since I’ve come out, so this is my first time where I’m speaking about something very, very authentic that everyone in the world can relate to,” she added. “Not everybody is rich, not everybody likes jewelry, not everyone likes playing dress-up, but everyone has been in a relationship at some point in their lives, so when you hear a relationship song, it’s like, you react.”

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  1. hot toddy

    right…. =/


  2. honeybun



  3. WhatTheF

    Reminds me of the hairstyle Lil’ Kim was rockin’ in the summer….


  4. Kelly

    Wow!!!!!!!!! Everything Lil’ Kim does this girl bites. SMH Get your OWN identity Nicki!!!


  5. eurogirl

    this chick is so overrated.


  6. GangsterA

    she looks great i really love this song i gain respect for her everyday


  7. Trey

    Would rather be underpaid or overrated? @GangsterA


  8. Kelly

    @ TREY…I’d rather be ORIGINAL!!!!!!!


  9. Ranoey

    Lol @ the Lil Kim comments. Okay, believe what you want to believe. Anyway can’t wait for the video nicki :]


  10. WhatTheF

    ^ We’re not just believing it, we’re seeing it. It’s obvious.


  11. TM

    Lmaoo at you dumbasses. “What Kim rocked in the summer” HELLOOO, that was the same hairstyle NICKI rocked like 3 years ago!


  12. JustSayin

    exactly wut i was thinkin


  13. Alex

    Thank you i was just about to say that wtf kim stans nobody is checking for that washed up mannequin Nicki been moved on. Now what you can talk about is Nicki’s album called Pink Friday in stores Nov. 23 bitches buy it!


  14. New Nicki Fan

    cnt wait go nicki


  15. NiCoLE

    omg cant wait for the video it look likes its gonna be good#SMH lol@ ALEX ur right lil kim is wash up plus that surgery she had. nicki may had surgery for her but,boobs but she didnt fuck up her face like lil kim did she looks an hot ass mess in the face and im just bein real like come on lil kim still mad this stealin her style BS itz time to drop it oh well..didnt no one tell lil kim to lie in court thatz her fault..nicki may got her style the HB iz rockin the hell out of her style double thumbs up to nicki and a middle finger to lil kim ugly ass fuck face


  16. NiCoLE

    cant wait for the video smh at lil kim she still tryin to …kim just stop child itz over give it up let the HB get her shine on and do what she gonna do which iz eat the washed up ass rat bitches..#itzpinkfridayhoe …HA Ha!!


  17. putnie

    everybdy might luv thiz song becuz most ppl luv HER and most ppl dnt becuz they say


  18. 2XCL



  19. Ranoey

    Forreal though? Nicki totally wore her hair like this YEARS ago. Hop off her d*ck.


  20. A Realist

    Thousands of women have wore their hair like that for decades. Lmfao you Kim stans continue to sound like complete IDIOTS.


  21. dizzle

    I HATE Nicki Minaj BUT i LOVE this song…ALSO that lacefront looks horrible on her SMH very unflattering..she should have got tracks


  22. Andarieg0



  23. ponyo

    nicki stans….question have u ever listened to nickis mixtape…she actually disses y’all…..example “this is for my girlfriend” thats the name of the song….


  24. Lana B Eezy

    @dizzle How can you hate the artist but love the song? That’s like saying I hate dick but I love balls…
    Think before typing folks!!!!


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