Video: Plies – ‘Why U Hate’


Plies paints a picture in the controversial video for “Why U Hate” off his DJ Scream-hosted mixtape You Need People Like Me. The Florida native drops political rhymes with a noose hanging around his neck and handcuffs on his wrists, symbolizing the injustice that the government has dished to his people. Watch the dramatic visuals below.

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  1. KidSid



  2. MiGi

    act like a nigger get treated like a nigger , all i gotta say is strive for better , dont blame it all on the white man. im black & yea theres negativity but you have to strive for better .

    & plies do us all a favor & put on a shirt like c’mon was that really necessary ??? your trying to make a political statement & your shirtless & trying to prove a point ?


  3. I Cant

    would this flop go away. Plies YOUR WACK


  4. Ciara4evaeva

    Song hawt its deep & real luv plies he tlks bout real life


  5. CiCi

    what is he talking about. our president is black!!! how can you be treated so badly?.. people are prejudice because you live up to it. dont blame other people for your personal faults. you make the choice to do something bad and go to prison. you wanna go to college then go. every color can be “born broke”. & get over bush please. damn stop hating on white people. I’m native american and you dont see me crying like a bitch.


  6. dede

    Yall r sum str8 mothafckn haterss & yall can shake wit dht shtt cuz he tellinq da truthh all dht sht blck ppl dne been throuqh , yall shud be prooud & b4 anybdy talk about my husband qetchall $$$ uppp! ily husbandd , iqot iqot iqot yo bck boyyy :) he da realist & yall already kno itt ! & which one of dese rappers dne showd booszie luv & made a snq fah em ‘ instead of dwninq him??? PLIES szo stfu hatterrr


  7. NKD

    Real shit


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