New Music: Jay Sean f/ Birdman – ‘Like This, Like That’

Jay Sean and Birdman

After partying with Nicki Minaj like it’s “2012,” Jay Sean links up with another member of his CMYM family, Birdman, on “Like This, Like That” from his upcoming album Freeze Time, which has been delayed to February 22, 2011. With its sparse electronic beat, the moody club track puts the Londoner in romantic mode, with lyrics aimed at getting the girl.

“You’re gonna hear a side of me which America hasn’t heard yet,” Jay told Rap-Up TV of his fourth project. “It’s the more R&B, slow jam side of me, the stuff that I used to do on my older albums. It’s just a nice mix between pop-R&B.”

Jay Sean f/ Birdman – “Like This, Like That”


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  1. Big Daddy AC

    it’s aight. better than 2012 cause that shit sucked. jay sean’s just not that good of an artist in my opinion



    this song is no joke


  3. call me

    WOW no.1


  4. Will

    Drake woulda been perfect for this track Birdman ruined it in my opinion but its still a hot song.


  5. 01Everything

    If u don’t like Jay, that’s fine but to say he’s not a good artist is just plain wrong. this song is fire btw and yeah Drake def. woulda been good for this song.


  6. Sarah

    hmm, Ithink I liked 2012 better…Nikki Minaj was perfect for that. I feel like Birdman kind of ruined the song (no offense), as well. Still love Jay Sean and his awesome voice :D


  7. Chizabeth

    Birdman is 2 old 4 that but its still hot


  8. Jorge

    in love with this song!


  9. Ishaan Saggar

    keep rocking Jay Sean…. like you always do.. Cheers!!


  10. Amy

    To Big Daddy AC who commented on
    October 27th, 2010 at 11:49 am.
    The song 2012 is NOT shit and it most definately didn’t suck at all. You make it look like you could sing better then jay. (BUT YOU CANT)

    My Comment For This Article: Can’t wait for your new album to come out next year jay. I bet it’s gonna be Awesomee. Luv yaa jay xx


  11. jey

    to the only dude tht posted hate shit…dude jay sean is the truth and got the silkiest voice in the business…if u dont like him thts ur choice and im no against it…but a person like jay sean is obviously one of the most talented artist on the planet with so many fans so u cant just say he sucks, he is the truth,,,cant wait for break ya back.,..dont drawn in hate, next time u see jay sean u give it a pass if u dont like..


  12. jey

    lol jay is the best


  13. JaySeanFan

    Jay Sean Rocks! He’s a rising star, so he’s trying his best, so I appreciate his work!


  14. delroy

    @ amy 2012 was shit,in my opinion this is far better, this is something that kind of sounds like his old style. Not trying to come across as an old fart, but 2012 was just something that i was shocked to hear from Jay as i have liked his stuff from the start of his carrer. To hear great quality tracks to something as pap like 2012 was just a shock to the system, but now haering this im glad to know that he is not going to sell out like other acts this year.


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