Video: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Drake – ‘Loving You No More’


Diddy gets his heart broken in the video for “Loving You No More,” the Drake-assisted single off Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris, pulling into stores December 14. The Gil Green-directed clip puts the Bad Boy mogul in a contemplative mood, crooning alongside Dawn and Kalenna while digesting his emotions. And what better way to forget about girl problems than hitting the club and grabbing a drink with Drizzy? Catch the introspective visuals below.

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  1. paree

    so whats the point of jumping into the pool?


  2. lynm

    dawn has a great voice but this video is useless. not even getting radio play .


  3. miley

    it would good minus diddy….LOL


  4. Nait Phoenix

    I love Kaleena’s verse. This video was aight! Same old same old!


  5. Yezzir

    Dawn would be a great solo artist she needs to break away from Bad Boy asap. This video doesnt really do anything for the song in my opinion.


  6. Alex

    Kaleena’s voice is so good!

    But the video sucks =/


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    Yo Dawn looked so damn hot! I remember when she first started off she looked aight. Now that she always rocking the short hair she looks great, especially in this video.

    I agree with Yezzir, Dawn would be one hell of a solo.

    Her ad-libs made me like this song. The video looks good, but nothing memorable in it.


  8. Cassive Brewster

    I do love this song.


  9. Ross



  10. Bijan

    Dawn looked amazing, I think she should go solo. These two make her look bad.
    Kaleena is really awkward. Her hair is a mess and I think she needs to take some dance lessons cuz she moves like a man.


  11. Shaun

    Dawn looks and sounds amazing.


  12. sagb

    boring! what was the whole point of that!


  13. Fabz

    whasup with u lot hating on Diddy all the time, this song is nice & different… far from boring.


  14. Bijan

    @Fabz, I dont think it’s the song ppl hate on but diddy himself


  15. a-town

    drizzy makes everything good.


  16. I ♡ Drake

    Loving The Pinky Ring ;) ♡


  17. Martrizzy

    OMG,now Im dead. Love it!


  18. youdontneedtoknow

    same old stuff. I thought the project was innovative? #We”ll See


  19. Yeezy

    borin. diddy make some club bangers coz thats gonna b betta even if it sux


  20. sophie

    this is is cool for an album cut/filler but definitely not the single this project needed to finally get off the ground, nice verse by drake, But unfortunately I don’t see a hit here


  21. Fan Ov A Fan

    this is some corny ass ish… no hater


  22. twist

    yall all some haters but i give ma full respect to drake in this one after all he ma big bro


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