Rihanna Shoots Video with Drake

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna returned to a familiar place to shoot additional scenes for her second single “What’s My Name?” The red-haired siren cozied up to her co-star Drake in downtown Manhattan during the night shoot on Wednesday, where onlookers watched the two get up close and personal outside of a bodega.

RiRi shot part of the video without Drake last month with director Philip Andelman. The Drake version of the Stargate-produced song will appear on her fifth album Loud, due November 16.

She gushed about her collaborator in a previous interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Max. “Drake is such a cool guy, man,” said RiRi. “He’s like one of my great friends.”

Check out some candid on-set footage below.

[INF Daily]

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  1. MrMay

    RiRi is so fine


  2. allen

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn she is soooooooooooo hawtttttttttttttttttttttttttt


  3. A Realist

    Absolutely love this song.


  4. Pinoy

    I only want to watch because of Riri cause DAMN she is hot and them 2 balloons are coming out.!!!


  5. Kera

    Can’t wait for the video. Rihanna is so sexy


  6. jazz

    lmao when she said stalkers aka paparazzi i love her


  7. The man

    damn this girl is famous look at all of those people at 1:40 just standing their watching her shoot a video…..awkward lol


  8. pressed?

    they are about to slayyyyyyyyyyyyy, they are top50 on every major radio format and the song just got released tuesday! and only girl is still smashing! its most definitely her time right now!she looks AMAZIN!


  9. Giamma



  10. king

    love rihanna


  11. nsa24

    for sure he’s hittin that


  12. K.K.

    can’t wait to see What’s My Name


  13. jenniika

    Stalkers… lmaoo!


  14. BZ da man



  15. swathi



  16. swathi

    hi rihanna i lovvvvvve whats my name and sos
    can you come to my school its called braden river elemantray shool im in the 5th grade
    building im in mrs dragon class can you sing
    sos and whats my name there are my faviot song
    ever and come on the 6th wich is towmorrow
    come in the mornig the time you should come is
    9;00 is the time i want you to come okay rihanna
    please dont say i send you here to sing that will
    embarres me please dont say my name you can also
    bring drake with you okay rihanna okay see you
    towmorrow rember at 9;00 exacly 9;00 okay bey
    see you towmorrow


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