Video: Kid Cudi Rocks on ‘Letterman’

A clean-shaven Kid Cudi picked up the guitar and performed “Erase Me,” the first single off his sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, on Thursday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Expect to see more of Cudi the rock star. He has been learning the instrument and plans to play it on his third rock album, for which he’s formed a band called Wizard with producer Dot da Genius.


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  1. twitter @rashidkasirye

    good stuff


  2. twitter @rashidkasirye

    sounds ok, but it has to grow onto me.


  3. samo



  4. Arly

    Copying B.o.B a bit with the guitar no?
    Anyways he was barely playing just enough for show


  5. Madison

    B.O.B. is a real musician (he plays the guitar, piano, drums). This dude looks like a clown trying to “LOOK” like he can play. All he did was play himself! SMH


  6. KC

    Kid Cudi way better than bob


  7. Amanda

    Agree with KC


  8. mike

    wow cudi what is goin on man? you’re better than this


  9. Hash

    Copying BOB? If anything, BOB copies Cudi.


  10. Jake

    Cudi is teaching himself the guitar, he is barely playing here because obviously he still has alot to learn


  11. miked

    He looks like he cant play for shit because he cant. Hes just starting to learn he wanted to make a statement. he wanted to show everyone that he is really doing this rock shit. cudi is all about innovation. he doesnt give a fuck that he could hardly play


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