Video: Rihanna Performs on ‘X Factor’


Food fight! Rihanna’s masquerade ball erupted into mayhem during her performance of “Only Girl (In the World)” on the live results show of Britain’s “The X Factor.” The flower child jetted from New York for “SNL” to London to promote the first single from her new album Loud. “They’re getting loud with the food!” she said after the rowdy performance.

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  1. Jamie

    YESSSSS RIHANNA! probably her best live vocal performance????????? x


  2. Mya

    Rihanna is so boring on stage this is an upbeat song so DANCE CHICK DANCE and I’m not gonna go there with her voice LAWD lol


  3. keeping it real

    Great performance from RiRi, i loved it, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan.

    She’s seriously making me consider buying her album this era!!!


  4. ItsOscarYO

    This is a WAY better performance of “Only Girl” than that shit she pulled on SNL. She is so cute.


  5. rihannito

    Rihanna Slaaaaaayeeeed her performance!!!! GURL u rockkkkk!!!! and the haters r now so MAAAD!!!!! she proved them wrong hahahaahah!!!!! 36 worlwide #1 hahaha 25 million album sold!!! Triple grammy wiinnner!!!! Platinium in more than 40 countries hahaahahahahahah where r yo faves???


  6. JahLiss

    wow, not pretty live. Love the hair


  7. RogeR

    Amazing performance!!! :-)


  8. I guess!!!

    Much better I like it… Keep growing Rih Rih


  9. back2basics

    she did her thing


  10. novelero

    i love the intro they made..


  11. xoxoxo

    1000000x better than that snl performance..she actually sounded like the song…but i agree with Mya…DAAAAAANCE!!!!! although she sounded good ppl say she can’t dance but when you don’t do it its not known if you actually could…smh but i like the performance


  12. xoxoxo

    if she was to dance it would be a PERFECT performance….:\


  13. ana

    blah that was borring


  14. king

    rihanna is the best she need to dance


  15. PRESSED?

    such a huge step up from last nights! She kilt it I love it.!


  16. PRESSED?



  17. jaboodi

    Her live performances are improving, still got a little way to go though.


  18. Lola

    2nd video, 0:22

    Rihanna: “I’m really superficial”
    Interviewer: “really? superstitious?”
    Rihanna: “Ya”.



  19. Canada

    LAWL @Lola I was going to post the same thing


  20. Alwaysontime

    poor rihanna : can t able to hit the notes correctly


  21. meme

    i will never understand for the life of be why people think this girl cant sing. Sure she doesnt always hit all the note perfect she she has an amazing, unique voice. Her voice is soooo distingushable.


  22. xoxoxo

    if ppl are in doubt that she can sing i can post links of live performances by her that were great…cuz there are ALOT


  23. RihannaLover

    I’m a Rihanna stan but none of her performances impressed me! The “What’s my name” on SNL was ok but I mean she needs to step it up a notch and more! She needs to move! She needs to dance! She needs to be more engaging! I saw her on tour and she was great! She was rocking out so I don’t understand why she’s just walking around! I mean jump around Ri! Love you!!!:-*


  24. cari s.

    Every once in a while I need to laugh, so I watch Rihfund’s desperate performances to make me laugh. And I must say, this performance was hilariously bad! Thank you for the laugh, Rihdoritos. I knew I could count on you!


  25. K.K.

    She’s not that good at live, but I still like her music and the performance is really good. :D


  26. nerdywilliams

    wasn’t this site called rap up……..thats dance music ……..why u posting about pop stars …….bieber ,gaga,rihanna,willow and bullshit such as …………what happened to the backstreet boys??post bout them to


  27. Giamma


    Haters are so md cuOG is smashing worldwide…


  28. ahidet

    did not sound goood


  29. TR

    she just can’t sing…
    And she knows it


  30. Andres

    ohhh i try to like rihanna but i just cant she is so boring and her performances are deadddd i just dont know wat to think about her next.


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