New Music: Lloyd Banks f/ Akon – ‘Celebrity’

Lloyd Banks and Akon

The money, cars, and clothes haven’t changed Lloyd Banks. The grounded G-Unit rapper spits about the ups and downs of being a “Celebrity,” including the groupies and intense media scrutiny, while Akon provides an ominous hook over the snapping instrumental.

“I’m telling mainstream that this is where I’m from, regardless of how far I’ve come,” Banks tells of the cut from his third album. “I’m still from Southside Jamaica, Queens, and I take the fame in a little different.”

Satisfy your cravings for H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More 2) below.

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  1. H.F.M.2!

    GGGGG G-Unit

    The Hunger For More 2 nov. 22. album of the year!!


  2. hip hop police

    The beat bangs, i do kind of expect disappointing sales for lloyd this time around, but I may be wrong.


  3. 50 Cent

    Dope Record..Its Gona Hit The Street

    Akon + Lloyd = Fire


  4. milz

    this is a wrap the album done gone plat an other hit to close the doors on this sh*t


  5. 2Slik

    Dope hit and got that club and getto fire album sales are going to be at their max i shud expect 4 good signles BBB Any girl Start it up and this just kills it all


  6. Marymag

    When was the last time this flop had a hit? And then to try to come back with a superficial record? Um no. #next


  7. c.webb

    banks will go platinum ,watch,because banks is underrated but he’s damn good of an artist,his lyrics have content ,this song is deep because a celebrity remains human before all,it’s a fire ,it will be an international hit,congratulations to g unit and emi ,the album of the year.ggggggggggggggggg unit ,banks carry the unit over his back.that’s good move,fifty lets him do his thing.


  8. Dae'

    Love Banks! The first “Hunger For More” Banged. I love this track. It’s the old Banks. I didn’t care for his last album. He’s hungry again…I like his music when he’s hungry.


  9. young play boy

    wow didnt know actuall hip hop music still exsist.. well atleast some one in the world still puts out hip hop music.. people dont understand the reason g-unit got shut down is because they kept it real and stayed true.. wayne is a sell out a cotton candy rapper he makes the white people happy he destroys actuall hip hop and turns it into pop and rock music. i want hip hop music if i want to listen to pop or rock id listen to lady gaga and green day.. thank you lloyd banks


  10. jtm

    i thought eminem was supposed to be on the album.


  11. jayk

    its a bonus on itunes, im sure later on hell have a deluxe cd.


  12. young play boy

    lol this ant even the real version of this track


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