Rihanna Rocks Out with Bon Jovi in Spain

Jon Bon Jovi and Rihanna

Rihanna surprised the crowd by joining Bon Jovi on stage to perform at a secret gig on the eve of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid, Spain. Wearing a flowing red dress, the pop star dueted with lead singer Jon Bon Jovi on his band’s classic “Livin’ on a Prayer.” She will take the stage at tomorrow’s show, where she is nominated for five awards.

UPDATE: Footage of the performance has been added below.

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  1. jjj

    This is great!
    Way to go RihRih and Bon!


  2. Giamma

    Riri is ON FIRE!!!



    Gorgeous, performing with a legend?? Go RiRi!


  4. Droppin Bombs

    Rihanna is everything!!!!!! That Rihanna Reign is on fireeeeeeeee



    damn she collaborated wit bon jovi slash and bono this year………..shes a legend


  6. catoff

    Bon Jovi rips their fans off in Madrid’s concert. Just about 65 minutes for a band that’s supposed to be a legend…Great music, great cheat guys.


  7. rihannito

    Rihanna keeps on slaying ur FAVVVVVVEEEEEESSSSS ahhahahhahahahaha Gooood!!!! who can put two songs on top 5 on itunes??? #1 and #4!!!???? lol bye


  8. tehe!

    get mad haters!


  9. kris

    Coolbeans! I love me some Jon bon jovi!!!!!!


  10. Beystanbish

    Get them gurl. Ain’t nobody fucking wiith team Roc


  11. Beystanbish

    Get them gurl. Ain’t nobody messing with team Roc



    Who ever said Rihanna is on fire is 100% right. She’s scorching hot right now. Performing with legends like Bon Jovi, Slash, and dont forget Bono during Hope for Haiti tribute. Plus 2 number 1s and 6 top 10s this year alone. Thats some people’s careers and she’s doing it in an off year. Haters get ready for 2011; she gonna be even bigger.


  13. Junior in Jamaica

    I so wanna see a video to this and dying to see her hit the stage!!


  14. Selimma

    WOOOW!!! That was AMAZING!!! STUNNIN!! Deam I start loving RiRi even moore!!


  15. K.K.

    wow! look at the dress! ;D


  16. zebra_sister

    rihanna is a goddess.


  17. roxer

    bon jovi ya no son lo que eran, que lástima.


  18. carina hawkins

    i hate rihanna shes ugly


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