Trailer: T.I. – ‘No Mercy (Part 1)’


T.I. shows No Mercy in the first promo clip for his seventh album, due December 7. A pensive Tip holds his head in his hands in this black-and-white video, speaking on forgiveness and his perspective on those around him.

“At virtuous moments in my darkest hour, I felt that people, they were so quick to condemn and crucify me,” he states. “I’m not looking for your forgiveness. I’m not looking for people’s forgiveness. I’m looking for God’s forgiveness. The only people down here on Earth that I am concerned with, their love for me is unconditional. But you don’t get down with me no more, then you never got down with me in the first place.”

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  1. tiffany

    this will be THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR

    best collaborations, very talented rapper, he got it
    “get back up” “got your back” and “dying in your arms ” are just diamondss!!

    just i’m a lil disapointed that there is no “yeah ya know” from takers movie


    (with the kery’s one and the nelly’s one and the ciara’s one)

    T.I got it


  2. Tymia

    omg this is da best out of them all..<3


  3. Tiffany

    Cry me a phuking river T.I. eventually people must take account of whom and what they’re supporting. I’m not buying a record just for you to have more money for your legal defense team. No, I will just go and support Lupe Fiasco who is actually better and can stay out of jail. Or maybe sponsor a kid with that money. He slays me really. No Mercy. GTFOHWTBS.


  4. T.I. Supporter

    fuck off tiffany


  5. trapkid

    God bless you T.I.


  6. K.K.

    No Mercy! :)


  7. Yes

    I don’t think, yeah you know, ya hear me, got your back, and im back will be on the album.

    But he will go down in history as the 3rd rapper to get a #1 album while in prison.


  8. Lily=]

    yes i agree with T.I. Supporter, FUCK OFF TIFFANY.! T.I. is the BEST in the music industry.! wether yuh like it or nott.! All my support is for T.I. :)


  9. KB

    Does anyone know what the tracknames for the bonus tracks?


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