Kid Cudi Shares First Job: ‘It Was the Worst’

Kid Cudi

Before he was one of today’s biggest rappers, Kid Cudi didn’t have it so easy. During an interview on Fuse’s “A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus,” Cudder reflects on working a 9 to 5 at American Apparel and Dean & Deluca, sharing some choice words for the café and its manager.

“This place sucked. It was the worst job,” vented Cudi. “I’m not trying to diss the establishment of Dean & Deluca, but this store specifically was just not run the way that it was supposed to be run.”

He continued by elaborating on the rough experience. “It was the worst experience, I hated it. I don’t even think they gave me my last check, man! I actually know they didn’t because they were so mad that I quit on them. I just didn’t show up because the guy was such a dick manager. He was such a jerk. He’s probably so mad right now.”

But it wasn’t all hard feelings, as Cudi gets the last laugh. “I actually went back to that store and bought some M&M’s from the same section that I worked at.”

The full interview airs tomorrow at 7 p.m. on Fuse.

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  1. Madison

    Kid Cudi snorts that white sh*t and violent towards women. Dude got issues. Not interested. NEXT!


  2. LACEY Q.

    We all had that one job that was just unbearable!! Look at Cudi now and look at his old manager.. I bet he’s having alotta fun wiping up tables and ish!! Moral of the story is be kind and respectful to everyone cuz u might have the upper hand right now but u don’t know when they gonna be at the top!!!

    People gon’ remember who was nice to them and most of all who was NOT!!!


  3. Pusher 3

    yo madison shut the fuck up , kid cudi fan watching your ass bitch


  4. Becca

    I agree Madison. I like his music but he has mental issues.


  5. Mr Xclusive

    he aint no big rapper smh all he is good at is hooks and all he raps about is smoking weed GTFO with that ishhhhh


  6. kelly

    @Mr Xclusive, are u a dude? If so, change ur avatar. *side eye*


  7. Vera

    He stopped doing coke..calm your nerves


  8. Kai

    Madison is speaking the truth. He is definitely violent against women. I’ve seen it.


  9. Dick

    And you would know Vera because?


  10. mrrager

    who gives a shit if he does coke
    most celebs do coke jus the way it is and has been
    how do you think they work non stop and pump out music like they do?


  11. Kai

    I don’t care if he does coke. I do care that he hits women. Therefore, I won’t be supporting him. Moving on….


  12. renu

    stfu up maddison n that other bitch. why u commenting u hater. got nothin good to say then dont say it.


  13. DDR

    HAHAHAHA!! I feel him, because I worked at the same Dean & Deluca. I quit right before he got hired. I hope he ain’t talking bout my cousin (being a dick), because he worked for my cousin in the candy, coffee, fruit and nuts department, and my cousin said Scott was cool. He must be talking about the GM. They’re always dicks. Fuck that job. I would never go back to that.


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