Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg Shoot ‘Kush’ Video

Dr. Dre

A couple days after it leaked online, Dr. Dre is moving forward with plans to shoot a music video for “Kush,” the first offering from his long-awaited album Detox featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon. A buff Dre was seen on the downtown Los Angeles set Wednesday, while Snoop looked high as a kite in a Japanese “Sakana-kun” hat. Joseph Kahn previously hinted that he would direct.

“There was a version of ["Kush"] that leaked that I wasn’t really happy about, so we’re gonna go on and push it and put it out because everybody seems to like it,” Dre told Power 106’s Big Boy of the smokers’ anthem, which is available now on iTunes. “It’s about weed smoking and I don’t want people to think that that’s what my album is about. This is actually the only song with that type of content in it. It’s not a representation of what the album is.”

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  1. dead92

    wow he is really serious this time


  2. boi1da

    Hmmm i don’t know, i still think he will probably make this video and it will come out…BUT detox wont, it will still be delayed!


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  4. mutha

    man,i think snoop is the most lovable rapper of all time.cant look at those pics and not smile.


  5. Evangeline

    By the looks of Dre, this album should be called Botox. Ridiculous.

    Also his nipples could cut diamond. :0


  6. Drefan since 93

    Kush really on Detox?!?!?! One more corny track like that on Detox and I won’t even buy one copy. I was planning on buying 2 copies if he came with a good/classic album.


  7. MusicEye14

    Dr. Dre is sooooooo sexy to me! I’ll be just buying the album to look at the pictures in the insert. Hoping for shirtless pics…or shirtless in the video. Prefer the shirtless in the video option.


  8. jeremydante

    daaaamn, dre is ripped.


  9. Pinoy

    Wow Dre is looking like a quarterback.
    Shit now they are shooting a video, damn I can feel Detox might soon come out…


  10. @MrKalebBlake

    Dr. Dre is YOKED!


  11. Drefan since 93

    Steroids can make a person less creative. That explains a track like “Kush”.


  12. drepushinweightsdawg

    This track is tight. I’m glad it got released so maybe rap might be saved. This shit comin out lately is wack. T.I. needs to release his in Dec and Dre next year so people will still like rap


  13. aftermath

    yo know dre wasnt goin to release kush
    as the 1st single but
    its probably a promotional single
    because he said the album doesn’t sound like that


  14. Detox anticipater

    Damn Dre has no style/swagga

    he look like a action figure with that body and those clothes SMH i would def want a such body dont get me wrong but that style lame, he should take clothing tips from Juelz Santana or Lil Wayne


  15. mistwalker

    @drepushinweightsdawg & @ Drefan since 93 othe than kanye TI, & loyd banks new albums ? can u name better music than this ? respect dr dre, kush is hot!! dude was forced to realese this after unfished songs like Coming Back (Prod. By Hi-Tek & Dr. Dre),This Is Detox (I Am Hip-Hop) & flashing feat snoop leaked all in premature form wich should have made the final cut so wats up with da hate yall problem is yall gonna try compairing it to 2001 wich detox will fall shot of in all fans memory rember also things music marks time , & he dosent have have scoot storch , nor mel man who were also credited heavly 4 2001 also sequels hardy surpass their preadesours peace :)


  16. badboy187

    Dre. Good lookin out my nigga. The track is dope.


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  18. andrey

    also i was seeing that the 50 Cent came there in 20 mins after photo guys gone


  19. Igor

    А мну на всё насрать я русский блять!!!!


  20. Igor



  21. De

    Before the photo of Dr. Dre was taken, my friend, Andrey and I were having lunch, using the outside tables in the Mexican café, next to LA Cafe, and by chance, Andrey looked over into the parking lot and saw Dr. Dre, casually saying with food in his mouth, “I think it’s Dr. Dre.”

    It was. Confirm by the reporters who suddenly appeared to take the photo posted.

    It’s Los Angeles. We are visitors. It was lunch and entertainment… and we left without an invitation to the party… Nonetheless, we have to get the CD. It’s an instant keepsake to be placed among things collected, with stories behind them… We saw “the man” as he prepared to make one of the videos from the album… Let’s see, who else did we see…? Exactly!


  22. Arti

    Detox will come out February 2011 and its confirmed :D


  23. Mikhail

    А маган похуй, мен бульдозер. говорите по русски нахуй!!!!!!


  24. holocaust

    Y’all haters can kill urselfs. The kush record is ready, dre knows what the streets like.


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