New Music: R. Kelly – ‘You Are Not Alone’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly pays homage to his mentor Michael Jackson with his version of “You Are Not Alone,” a bonus track included on his new album Love Letter. Kellz originally wrote and co-produced the chart-topping ballad for the King of Pop in 1995. “In love and memories of my hero, MJ forever,” says the Pied Piper before belting out the famous lyrics.

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  1. KingKelly



  2. M!ke



  3. jonNbk

    this is how u SANG ppl *coughs* iceTREY needs to take lessons cuz this is the TRUTH!


  4. Dagoddess

    All I can say is TREY who?? Man Kellz is that dude,(YUUPP) and notice he gives homage to the one who inspired him, he didn’t take his style and then claim to be better.. One grat recognizes another, not try to out shine him..


  5. Raheem T

    Wait a minute, isn’t this the song he did with MJ years back or hes remixed it maybe. anyways stil awesome.


  6. jeri

    ^^ why is it so hard for people to read before making themselves sound foolish?


  7. KingKelly

    @jeri EXACTLY! LOL

    and for the love of God! I wish people would stop mentioning that untalented guy and R. Kelly in the same sentence.


  8. Nait Phoenix

    I always kinda wondered how some of the songs he wrote/produced would sound if he actually sang them himself. Beautiful, BTW. Now, I want to hear him cover “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” & “One More Chance” :D


  9. David

    The Greatest singer of our times man R.Kelly.


  10. Candii

    I Always have 2 state R is a fucking freak but I fucking Love Him #thegreatest


  11. Lana B Eezy

    Why does it sound like a lil Autotune on this???
    C’mon Kels!!


  12. Cassive

    Everyone one’s on this “touch of auto-tune” thing now, like this tune though.


  13. Romeo

    Good performance by R.Kelly but MJ is on a whole another level, IMHO.


  14. D. Kellz

    first off i like to read the positive feed backs on here but there is always gonna be some people who don’t like it or can never say anything positive r. kelly wrote this song for MJ THE KING OF POP! No one can sing it like michael but r. kelly sung it just as well and there is no autotune is this song thats just plain talent singing and i give the man his respect and his props for showing love to the king of pop from the KING OF R&B! I say again this man has came a long way even whne the devil tried to take him down and we all fall down and get back up but it takes a stronger man to make it and to last 20+ years and kellz certainly have and i thank him for his inspiring, loving, grown and sexy, and sometimes just butt naked music there are a few great performers still alive and kells is one of them great singer, performer, and production artist as well for others and a great writer i say thank you kellz from one of your biggest fans D. Kellz stay blessed.


  15. urbanbeats

    check his album “love letter” out , it’s one of his best albums so far ! trust me on this one ! Also check his performances on the soultrain awards & jimmy fallon late night !! One of the greatest of all time shows respect to the other greatest of all time ! King Of R&B + King Of Pop = Incredible


  16. Nutzo

    RIGHT!! Kellz puts the ‘R’ in RnB… the original..the greatest lol. The ‘love letter’ album sounds like he may have been writing for MJ or was just inspired. Its a great album, fitting for the christmas season. Every song jams!


  17. Brighteyeshazel

    To the haters who are comparing his version to MJ (RIP) really do you think R Kelly is trying to sing it better than MJ? R Kelly wrote the song and just singing his version and paying respect to someone he genuinely love and thought of as a friend. Both have their own version and sing it BEAUTIFUL….Yes R, Kelly killed it. This man is beyond talented and a head of his time.Sidenote…he can really sing and don’t need autotune of course SMH. I love it R Kelly and I can’t wait until I receive that Masterpiece of an album. SO don’t hate on R Kelly he can sing what he want especailly if he wrote it and paid respect to MJ.


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  19. rkelly the king

    Kelly the king of RnB!!!


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