Video: Prince Crashes ‘The View’

Sherri Shepherd and Prince

The ladies of “The View” got a surprise visit from Prince on Thursday’s show. “These are strange hours for rock stars,” said the reclusive superstar, who was there to promote his upcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden.

Barbara Walters shared with him what Justin Bieber said about wanting to model his career after his, while Sherri Shepherd couldn’t contain her excitement. “I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life,” she told the Purple One, who quickly made an exit.

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  1. Joey

    Prince show at MSG is going to be epic!


  2. nicole

    OMG I almost fainted when i saw this early. Sherri needs to chile but i would be all in shock to lol The way he got up was hilarious. Prince is the COOLEST


  3. LOL

    Sherri and even Elizabeth were having orgasms when he came out lmao


  4. Randy

    I would give it Sherri”s freaky as.


  5. OnlyBoy

    HAHA!!! on that note!!!


  6. dankingkemp

    Prince is Awesome..)d


  7. David

    Kinky Cheri let the man eat some breakfast lol.


  8. Benjamin-E

    “…I hope that he does pick up an instrument and get a good teacher.”

    lol. Prince is always underhand shading someone. lol.


  9. From Tokyo



  10. Nik Xero

    Can’t fault Sherri. If that was Beyonce, I would’ve dry humped her till security came.


  11. Jordi

    OMG^^^ haahha but Prince is amazing! Love him!


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