Nas’ Support Payments to Kelis Reduced

Nas and Kelis

Nas is catching a break. During his messy divorce from Kelis, the Queens native was ordered to cough up around $50,000 per month in child and spousal support for his ex and their son Knight. But an L.A. judge has decided to lighten up the order.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Nas’ payments have been cut in half, with the rapper now required to pay only $5,000 in child support and $20,000 in spousal support per month. Nasty Nas got his load lightened after convincing the judge that the poor economy has taken its toll on the rap community.

Nas and Kelis announced their divorce in 2009, with Kelis taking her husband to court to get proper spousal support. The judge originally ordered Nas to fork over nearly $300,000 in back payments, leveling his monthly alimony to over $50,000 a month. The couple finalized their divorce in May 2010.

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  1. boom

    bruh needed this relief


  2. OnlyBoy

    Its only cause she’s making a little more money now. Pay her 300 thou and sit yo cheatin ass down!


    MensRightsoverhoes Reply:

    @OnlyBoy, this is how broke b*tches hustle.. like leeches..


  3. Hip Hop Fanatic

    her lass album was a definate flop but to me personally i liek the beats and sum of the words but her voice is trash and she cnt sinq worth shit , but nas is ma niqqa , he nneds to hop back in the studio ,kelis is lame she needs sit her uqly ass down ..


  4. KeNONO

    She should NOT get a dime. Only the child.


  5. yes!

    When those alimony payments are paid in full in few months…SMH @Kelis! This woman’s career is one BIG FLOP! Nas’ alimony payments is her saving grace!


  6. schamona

    soooooooooooooooooo love yhu soulja boy yhu is my bigs fan i list to yhu ever day lol smiley face love yhu so much so dammn find sexy azz money savge rich kidz nicki minja and rihanna ?????


  7. ItsOscarYO

    Y’all are in here talking about how much of a flop Kelis is, but at the same time, Kelis is selling out shows, setting tends for your favorites, and sitting pretty on her millions. SIT DOWN, UGLIES.

    Flesh Tone > ALL OF YOUR 2010 FAVES.
    (With the exception of “The Archandroid.”)


  8. yes!

    LOL @ Kelis having millions! She was just crying to the court about her livelihood depends on Nas and now she is a millionaire…Kelis fans are too damn delusional! This woman still needs spousal support payments from her ex but she is somehow a millionaire…WOW!


  9. Kendrick

    i totally agree with @ItsOscarYO
    (even the archandroid part lolz)
    kelis is AMAZING!!!!!!!
    and just because her sound is different, dosent mean she cant sing, nor does she claim to be the best singer…. Her voice is an instrument!!
    and personally, i think she’s a great vocalist


  10. Trey

    Who are these people they no longer relevant to any type of music scene…period lol

    On the other hand, Jay-Z is releasing ‘Watch the Throne’ w/ Kanye. haha

    Who really won the beef/battle? HOV!


  11. david

    kelis is a paper sapping bitch!!!…leave d legendary rapper alone!…


  12. GRRRR

    @david Legendary rapper? How would you compare this to Nicki Minaj?


  13. Lana

    If all he’s giving her is 5k in CS their gross incomes must be close now. Judges take into account Kelis’ income, Nas’ income and the cost of living. When she began working I figured his payments would be reduced.

    When she divorced him she was preggo and her sole income was her royalties. Now she’s been working had a song go top 5 and a contract eith NEXT models. Kelis will be just fine.


  14. ItsOscarYO


    She was crying to the court because she had taken a four-year break from the music business, and her only income was coming from shows.

    Like I said, non-stop touring schedule, tons of appearances, sold out concerts, a new modeling contract, lots of features, etc.

    Yes, MILLIONS.


  15. webstar

    lol @ kelis having millions.

    if she had so much I don’t think she would need 20,000 per month from her EX.


  16. crista

    Kelis fans seriously are delusional.

    When she was crying broke…and obviously lying in court to get over, they said she was telling the truth & Nas was so horrible for not taking care of his EX wife. Then when Nas continues to fight and gets the amount decreased they say its because Kelis is soooo rich, hahahaha…hilarious. Her most lucrative deal ever was her spousal support agreement…puts all of her EARNED career dollars to shame. And lol @ her failed attempts to capitalize off of her highly publicized divorce. So she just did what all gold-diggers do. Found a new rich guy to help fund the lifestyle that she can’t fund for herself and collect spousal support payments while it lasts.


  17. Carl

    Kelis’ income is NO where near as close to Nas’ earned income. @Trey…Nas WON the battle/beef. I see the ETHER still has Jay-z’s fans still crying on every blog like it had Jay-z crying on HOT 97 while Angie Martinez laughed at him. By the way Nas is very relevant,,,relevant enough for you to know that he ethered Jay-z and who cares about Watch The Throne when Nas is representing Distant Relatives globally with Damian Marley. Ask Kanye who he thinks is the GREATEST? Nas!!!!!


  18. temitope

    my niggy nas always turn me on he is my best rapper ever since 95 keep on the work and pay your child support


  19. jarrod

    Jay won the beef to start out. Super ugly had nas’s mother complaining. And check Kelis’s money on google. She’s Broke without Nas!!!! Judges dont give out almost the max amount you can pay C.S to millionaires. Dumb!!


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