Teairra Mari Gets Physical in ‘Body’ Video

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari shows off her hot bod in the video for “Body,” a cut off her first DJ Drama-hosted mixtape Point of No Return and EP Sincerely Yours. The R&B vixen gets fit with some assistance from a chiseled trainer, later working up a sweat with her girls and reclining on a bed of rocks come nightfall. Get physical with Teairra by checking out more pics from the set below.

Teairra Mari Teairra Mari Teairra Mari Teairra Mari

Photo credit: Chris B. Cornell for It’s a Bella Production

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  1. Badgirl



  2. Yeah



  3. MusicIsTJ_Heart

    y she wait 145432078121 months to make this video? Also body isn’t on Night Before Xmas its on point of no return.


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    Laaawdddd! this is going to be a great video


  5. Mic Check



  6. TeamTM

    body is from “point of no return”
    teamteairra Team TM

    i am mad,why is she shooting it now when she has plenty hot songs on her new mixtape like boy short,back it up etc ???


  7. the truth

    I swear I love this chick her determination and drive is incredible


  8. beystanbish

    Oh she still trying I see.


  9. Dave

    DAMN! Speechless…


  10. Derek

    This looks like a goddamn Vivid video.


  11. Lil' Nello

    DAMNNN! I always thought Teairra was really hot & had a nice bod! But just proves it even more here & she look like she got a bit thicker which is always good! Can’t wait for the video!


  12. King Ken

    Teairra is determined to keep getting banned from BET! LMAO! I love her though! She makes good music and is one the most naturally beautiful girls in the game.


  13. L.A. Baby

    slut who sells her body. It’s not music.


  14. fizzle

    AMAZING! she did a video for this because it was another single (after “automatic” & “sponsor”) off her LP.


  15. Kvin_Baby

    Teairra Mari is hott. Everybody prepare yourselves for something excellent coming from her in the future.


  16. Kyle

    I love Teairra and I know this video will be hot but I was all about this song in like late July…why did she wait so damn long???


  17. LaMont

    Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!


  18. 2XCL

    The first picture looks like a pic from the start of a porno.


  19. Gary

    I was going to write what 2XCL was going to say. Definitely looks like she’s a pornstar.


  20. DSki

    You go TM!!!!!


  21. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    Why Hate & Call Her A Slut? She’s Dope & Doing Her Thing I Don’t See Anything Slutty About It… She’s Workin Out! Anywho #TeamTeairra All Da Way Keep Doin Ur Thing Ma! Buh Do A Video 4 “Stay” Or “Round & Round”!!!


  22. Leonie

    I love her!!

    P.S. I spy Jamie from PCD Presents Girlicious in the third picture down..


  23. SmoothCriminal

    more props to anyone trying to do there thing,go hard on that hustle.


  24. Solid Heart

    I love Tea-Tea and all bt she seriously needs better management nd a better team behind her, bt then again also az fans we shud suppor her all the way.


  25. neotrix1

    Really like her songs, wish she could make videos for all her songs and if y’all complaining about her timing for doing a video then Teairra might go on strike and put her snatch right back up in her goodie bag. Lmao


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