Usher, Beyoncé, and Black Eyed Peas Win at NRJ Music Awards 2011


Usher was all smiles as he arrived on the red carpet at the NRJ Music Awards 2011 at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France, over the weekend. And he had plenty reason to be. The R&B heartthrob picked up the award for International Male Artist of the Year.

Other winners at the 12th annual event included Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, whose collaborative video “Telephone” scored Music Video of the Year, while and of the Black Eyed Peas were honored with International Group/Duo of the Year and Concert of the Year. The sexy and newly single Shakira took home International Female Artist of the Year and International Song of the Year for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).”

Peep more pics from the international affair below.

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  1. Music Lover

    Congrats Beyonce!!!


  2. TeamTM

    congrats Queen B !

    Usher won for ???


  3. TeamTM

    ok,I got it


  4. Mya

    Congrats Beyonce! We are READY for ur RETURN


  5. Beystanbish

    Yay. Queen Bey and Gaga. The baddest bitch is still winning awards I see. Chile


  6. bknyhustle

    usher be on point tho…


  7. Beyonce is the Queen !

    can’t wait for Beyonce to come back and show these other R&B divas how its really done ! but its good to see she’s giving them a chance..


  8. GangsterA

    congrats to The Queen Bey still slaying with no new music only her can do that congrats to usher and Bep i love usher look and yes to shakira winning congrats baby she looks amazing that chick dosen’t age


  9. LOL

    Do french awards really matter??? whats that nrj stuff? where n when was it watched???? c’mon


  10. Chunel

    @Lol I am french and this show sucks and has no meaning for french people except for those listening to the Nrj radio, that is to say people between 10 and 25 ( but mostly teens girls) who vote on a website for their favorite artist.


  11. a

    Congratulations to Gaga and Honey B!

    Comeback B!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. jenny

    @ LOL
    Yes french awards really matter!!because we’re not american doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate good music!!


  13. Beystanbish

    Dead at the ignorant Mofo in here talking about it doesn’t matter. Just cause your fave whoever the f that is didn’t win don’t mean you should be bitter. xD


  14. chov55

    Congrats to Bey & Gaga!


  15. tiffany

    i’m french and i have to tell you that it is the worst award show

    if you’re not here, you don’t get your awards
    just the celebritys who come got it



  16. lol

    @beystanbish, oh so im ignorant. Btween u n i whos the most ignorant? S.o who calls herself beystanbish, cmon u suck bitch, shut the fuck up. Actually i knew it ddnt really matter cuz i lived in france for 3 yrs so i know wht im tlkin abt. Sorry but i aint got time to stan.i like all the songs that sound good in my ears from anyone. U just some ghetto hoe who spends too much time on blogs when u aint in the streets tryna get 5 bucks


  17. maxi lopez

    man fucc these mofos claimning they frenchness in here bs cuz, we dnt give fucc bout what yal asses are let alone to degrade a foreign award thats honoring our artists and shit…we dnt need yal opinion about the award or whatsoever, its an award its an award period and they take they time to recognize these very talent artists despite other artists from around the world. And you french fuccs wanna be mad at that,the fucc outta here cuz, better if yal just shut yo stinky obnoxious french asses up this bytch for good…au revoir, now fucc off!


  18. Mya

    Go Bey & Gaga


  19. oebie

    Went to Shakira during her European tour in December. Such a nice and talented performer. Love her for always creating her own path in the music business. I know she is much more populair in Europe than in the States, but I will stop listening to her if she also gets on the eurodance bandwagon.

    And Usher, shave your head please!


  20. BLATINO87

    @ LOL Man you’re right.. i’m french and to be honnest i didnt watch the show cuz ITS SHIT… every year the show is a MTV AWARD poor remix … i hate it … BTW most of the french ppl who perform r like fucking weak… they aint got no voice at all … some french artist r good but the never let them go to the nrj music award… SO I DO HAVE TO ADMIT EVEN IN FRANCE NO ONE CARE BOUT THAT SHOW EXCEPT COUNTRYMEN, DUMB TEENS AND OLD PPL …


  21. Heminem

    Whats with the huge boots all these guys are wearing now.
    Usher, will, those big ass boots are doin nothin for ya!


  22. tiffany you crazy

    girl you mad cause chris brown was not nominated.this tiffanny chick is jumping on every chris brown post trying to prove he still relevanr girl bye


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