Kanye West to Release New Album This Summer?

Kanye West

A few months after the release of his critically-acclaimed fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West isn’t slowing down. The Chi-town native has announced his plans for the first half of 2011, revealing via Twitter that fans won’t have to wait too long to get some new music.

First up, Yeezy plans on putting out his Hype Williams-directed music video for “All of the Lights” co-starring Rihanna. He will follow up with his joint LP with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne, in March. But the most surprising news is that the hip-hop superstar is prepping another solo project for a summer release.

“MY NEW ALBUM COMING THIS SUMMER,” tweeted an excited Kanye. “I’ll be back this SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!”

Do you think Kanye is rushing by releasing a new album so soon? Let us know!

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  1. Kwayzee

    Team Minaj !

    Kanye Is Awesomeee !


  2. Yeah



  3. ChokLitFactory

    Yah, it seems a bit rushed, but I’m all for new music! He probably has so much material now, it makes sense to release it.


  4. PLZ


    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy gets played at least once a day by me. Love it. Kanye’s on a hot streak right now.


  5. TRA

    This seems very interesting. Kanye always makes good music, he seems to be in a creative flow musically right now. I don’t know if it’s possible to release three albums in one year, but I won’t say it’s totally out of reach either. As long as the music is good, I am all for it.


  6. fizzle



  7. Real djs spin vinyl

    I don’t think it’s that rushed it’s only January. Summer is still very far away. I like his new direction and I think the good Fridays were a great idea especially since most of them were fresh. My only complaint to him is that he needs more Raekwon, a couple of verses for Cudi, some more artists like Lupe, B.o.B, minaj, Wayne, jeezy, drake, eminem would be interesting and put Nas back on a track!!


  8. h1ph0p

    hopefully the new album has mamas boyfriend and a j. cole collab! itd be the shit!


  9. KingBrown

    Kanye is too dope! and cant wait till he Drops “Watch the Throne” wit Jay and his new Album will be sure to POP!

    -Jean-Luc King Brown.


  10. Kenny West

    Its never to soon for good music. Kanye is incapable of making a bad album. Anything he has a big say in is sure to be great. I guess this ends what little chance there was of kanye going on a tour.


  11. Keithcarey

    I won’t be rushed kanye west know what he doing….that ‘s samething 808′s & heartbreak….when said kanye rushed that album….,but it wasn’t true…..every album kanye made to me was a classic…..his effort is the evidence….I’m sure this album will be some dope good new music….for the fans…..I won’t let his fan with his music….,this time he should add eminem on a track….drake,Jammie foxx again like he did for the first album!


  12. Keithcarey

    I Meant to say like did on the second late registration when he brought out golddigger with Jamie foxx!


  13. Keithcarey

    Y’all will be suprised when kanye put those albums out!


  14. brisporta

    Remember after 808′s and heartbreak came out kanye said that january that a new album is coming in june 2009….


  15. jerz3000

    Just based upon the politics of the music industry, I doubt we’ll see a full length solo release from Kanye untill September. Wich is still technically summer and around the time he drops albums anyway. His “Big Bro” Jay-Z dropped a new album every 7 months in his prime so I guess he is following in his footsteps.

    I predict that Kanye will ride this Watch The Throne wave untill about May, take a few months off, and debut his 1st single for the new album early August.

    Maybe he should drop it September 11th… (10th Year aniversery of Jay-Z’s sixth album, The Blueprint and 9/11 ofcourse, lol; 4th year aniversery of Graduation)


  16. Doobie

    Keep goin Kanye. IMO as long as the music is quality, IS actually hip hop and not more of this Techno meets RnB/hip hop shit, then BRING IT!!!


  17. malik

    I dont think hes rushing it. Because his MBDTF album was a beautifully crafted master album, he got success of a Million + sales, now he can put out and deliver a straight hit banger album with sum summer hot shit!…I cant wait #TEAMYEEZY all day


  18. Abdullah

    i want a KANYE album every month if it possible, man all his album are awesome all his songs are perfect


  19. tool

    yes! i hope that track/s he did with M.I.A. are released :D


  20. jhuntdaprodigy

    It’s very quick, that he’s releasing 3 albums in less then a years time, BUT Ye my favorite rapper so I ain’t mad at it. Wonder what the rest of Watch The Throne and his solo album will sound like?


  21. felipe



  22. Venturihawk

    I can’t wait for the new one . Also there is the one with Jay z.


  23. TRA

    Kanye has a good history of making great music, so I expect his two new albums to be no different. People need to remember back in 2008, there were reports that Kanye finish 808s and Heartbreak in less than a month. Everyone doubted Kanye at first, but 808s and Heartbreak turned out to be much better than what people first thought. I don’t fully know if Kanye can top My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but I would never doubt him when it comes to making great music.


  24. Lisa

    I can’t wait. He has put out classic after classic. Hopefully he collaborates with different people outside of the usual people he keeps collaborating with. I want Herbie Hancock, OutKast, Christina Aguilera & Massive Attack on the next album. Enuff of Jay-Z and his weak rhymes. If Ye isn’t stilling the show from Jay, then Nicki is.


  25. KidCastro

    This is gonna be stuntastic!
    Kanye is a genius!


  26. The Answer

    as long as he doesn’t do it like he did for MBDTF. It was dumb buying an album that only had like 3 new songs on it because of G.O.O.D. Friday. When I get an album, I want a bunch of new stuff. Kanye is the only one I’d buy an album for, so don’t ruin it Yeezy


  27. Heminem

    I don’t think he has ever been as productive, or felt as happy about his music.

    He is determined to be the best.



  28. vee

    i doubt it will be the summer it will probably get pushed back just like his last one his was suppose to come out ealrly september last time but didnt end up coming out till almost december but love kanye and cant wait for the new album


  29. jahliss

    I think he should let his resently album glow alone for a wile, cus it’s so freaking amazing! He don’t need to make another one that fast! But I’mma die hard Kanye fan, so bring it..i’ll get it!


  30. B

    Kanye West is one of the best rappers of his time. All albums that he releases are always a hit. I don’t believe it is too soon for him to release another album this summer.


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