Jennifer Lopez Says Lil Wayne Might Be ‘The Best’ Rapper

Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne

Jennifer Lopez has worked with many rappers throughout her career including Ja Rule, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J, but the “American Idol” judge holds a special place in her heart for one she’s yet to collaborate with—Lil Wayne. J.Lo considers the New Orleans MC to quite possibly be the best rapper alive.

The Latina diva told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that she works up a sweat to Weezy. “I was working out yesterday and I was listening to Lil Wayne and I was just like, ‘Wow. He really says some sh—,’” she said. “But I was just listening to what he was saying and I really enjoyed it. He might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best. He’s really good.”

Her love for Young Money doesn’t end there. J.Lo also has a soft spot for Nicki Minaj, and while she hasn’t heard Pink Friday in its entirety, she’s still a fan. “I love her. I haven’t heard the whole album, but I’ve heard her stuff that’s been on the radio and stuff like that. I really enjoy it,” she revealed.

Though no collaborations with Weezy or Nicki are currently on the table, Lopez has finished recording her seventh studio album Love?, which is awaiting a release date.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    If its coming from her then its true!! Love u jlo!!!


  2. asd

    If its coming form her than its lie. What the fuck she knows about rap and hip-hop – exactly, nothing.


  3. Yup !

    SHE TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. dghghgh

    Weezy is tha best rapper alive


  5. H•A•M

    If rapping about guns, sex, and killing makes you “the best” then hip-hop must be dead. I have plenty of respect for Lil’ Wayne because he obviously is a good rapper, but by no means is he “the best”. Real hip-hop comes from Talib Kweli, CyHi Da Prynce, Common, Consequnce, Kanye West, etc.


  6. Noringtone

    I agree with @H•A•M.


  7. Mully

    WTFE. She got no credibility in hip hop, dancing and pop culture maybe. She just trying to be a popular figure again name dropping. Your about two years late on that one Jenny. Oh and the verdict came back on this subject ‘He aint’Its been discussed over and over.


  8. Jason

    Please have more Respect for Hip Hop. Lil Wayne the best


  9. C

    I am so tired of people using the term “real hip hop”. Most of Biggie’s and Big L’s material consisted of guns, sex, and murder. Does that mean their not real hip hop? Also, Wayne has plenty of songs with substance:

    Amen, Pray to the Lord, Don’t want you to see me Cry,
    How Can Something, Something You Forgot, Get Over, Miss My Dawgs, Grown Man, Everything, Up to Me, Dear Summer, Georgia Bush, Tie My Hands, etc.


  10. G-Party

    @H•A•M I agreed with you till you said Kanye West…


  11. Dave

    She just lost all credibility. I mean if she said somebody like Common, or Lupe. But, Lil Wayne?


  12. duke dillinger

    u sapps getter listen 2 that purp and patron. game aint never put nuthin out weak


  13. 2011k

    People…J.Lo is about to release a new album and needs publicity; this is just an example of celebrity bandwagoning at its best….


  14. B.C.G.G.G

    J-Lo has been all over the world , got married to and fucked half the world-She might need some young dick in her life now–she doing the right thing tryna ride off of wayne for a momemt, he would freestyle for her!


  15. Nicole #TeamMinaj

    First, I agree with @H*A*M’s comment
    Second, what the hell does J-Lo know about rappers?
    And finally, I disagree with her. Weezy is a good rapper, but is far from the best. To me, Jay-Z is the best rapper… best raps/songs and most successful artist in the Nation… yeah, to me that says “The Best.”
    Sorry Weezy, you’re good…but not that good. Jay-Z is the King of Rap.


  16. ash

    Omg! Y’all are fucking stupid. She is just expressing her opinion. She never said he WAS. She said he MIGHT.

    And this, who is she? What does she know?

    Same goes to y’all! Who are YOU? What do YOU know?!

    Just like her, its YOUR opinion.

    Stop Hating.


  17. Yeah

    JLO I don’t like u anymore after that statement you just made, dumb bitch!!!

    We all know Lupe Fiasco is the best!
    This hoe right here is trippin hard.

    Leave them drugs alone JLo. You can not tell me you listen to Lil Wayne and can relate and agree and understand EVERYTHING that comes out his mouth???

    “Beautiful black woman, I bet that bitch look better red” <—that JLO can you agree with that?


  18. wtf

    is she outta her mind lil wayne lmao i dnt understand a damn thing he says he is so cocky and the whole ymcm i dont like dem cuz they think they da shit they aint real talent


  19. Mike

    We all know the best Rapper is white.


  20. smh

    Just like you all are sitting around typing your fingers off writing stupid comments that she will never read, she has more credibility in music than all you dumb fucks COMBINED. Oh.


  21. D.DOT

    Oh please J-lo from the core of BX she was was a HIPHOP dancer before all the fame,she probly no more about hiphip then half of u niqqas thats posting..She right lil waye is DOPE & Nicki is too..yall need to stop hating & give credit when its due.


  22. witheriwngs

    I agree with Mike. The best Rapper of the decade is white


  23. JustSayin

    Lil Wayne = Best Rapper Alive

    Carter IV is comin’ better tell ur favorite rappers to get they money up.

    “Young Money eatin all u haters do is add salt”

    #C4 #Boom


  24. Brionna

    the best rapper alive is not the same thing as best lyricist alive…. so Wayne indeed may be the best RAPPER alive


  25. ed

    everyone has their own “best rapper alive”… so yall need to calm down lol. it’s her opinion, it doesn’t have to be yours.


  26. Rihanna Baby

    kanye is the best


  27. Black Addem

    What is it opposite day?

    Niki and Wayne are the two worst rappers alive.


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  29. Adog

    Lil wayne?
    Go listen to laptop ganstas
    Its time for war
    Speedin on the highway
    Cant think
    Who want with the goat
    Rock the pole on youbtube
    Just listen to thosetracks


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