Jessie J Moves Up Album Release Date

Jessie J

The demand for Jessie J’s album is so strong that her label is doing something seldomly done in today’s industry—pushing up her release date by a whole month.

The British songbird’s debut Who You Are is now set to arrive in the U.K. on February 28. It was originally due March 28. “Due to my amazing #heartbeats showing so much love and support, myself @islandrecordsuk and @RepublicRecords have decided that you deserve the album EARLY!!!!” she tweeted. “The NEW DATE for #WHOYOUARE my debut album has been bought forward to… 28th FEBRUARY!!! That’s 4 weeks early! That’s like soooon! That’s in like 25 days!!!”

The U.S. release date is currently slated for April 12. The album features the singles “Do It Like a Dude” and B.o.B-assisted “Price Tag,” for which a video was released this week.

Jessie will launch her “Stand Up” tour overseas, beginning March 31 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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  1. yessss



  2. CelebritiesTR

    Woww great news !! Cant wait !!


  3. GangsterA



  4. TowandaW

    I like that Song *Do it like a Dude*


  5. NataliaK

    the way the music industry promotes their arists nowadays is so pathetic. trying to create some buzz with shit that is not true and just ridiculous. there is no f*cking request for her album or her. she is a wannabeloser. everyone rejected her shitsongs because they are pure crap but she is too delusional to realize it.


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    NataliaK, u realize that it was moved up only in the UK though right? Did u even BOTHER to check how her “Do It Like a Dude” single is doing there? It’s #2 on the UK charts so eat ur words! It may not being doing well over in the US, but it is big somewhere! Haters always jumping to conclusions!


  7. REM

    @NataliaK.. you would be surprised at how popular an artist can be if you just ignore mainstream charts. She has had a very good supporting fan base since before her singles were released. Not only as a song writer but on youtube as well…. and keep on hating ;) u clearly just got something off your chest lol


  8. GRRRR

    NataliaK, you’ve just embarrassed yourself here. Now shoo!


  9. Dave

    NataliaK’s life is a fail. Anyway, Yay for Jessie!


  10. Ohenewaa

    BRITAIN!!! proud :’)


  11. Bri

    I don’t care how this chick does in the UK, but it would be nice if this chick flops in the US.She is so lame. And she only has two good songs. Most of her songs suck.


  12. MusicAddict

    WTF? Most of her songs suck. I don’t think you can even believe yourself.


  13. Cc

    i dont know what all the hype is about..she’s average.


  14. Heminem

    @NataliaK both her songs are huge hits in the UK!
    Stop hatin


  15. ed

    she has a great voice… i don’t know why you would say she is average. her songs don’t really show her full vocals though. you gotta see her performances.


  16. lil B



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