André 3000 Admires Ke$ha’s Flow

Ke$ha and André 3000

Ke$ha nabbed a coveted verse from André 3000 on the remix to “Sleazy,” but the unlikely collaboration wasn’t a fluke. The pop star reveals how she got the elusive OutKast member on her song and the compliment he paid her.

“I sent him the track and was fully aware that he’s only been on a few songs in the past five years. But he ended up liking it,” Ke$ha told Rolling Stone. “We got on the phone, and he said, ‘With a flow like that, you could definitely have a career as a rapper.’ It was the biggest compliment I’ve ever had. It was coming from a god!”

Compliments aside, the “TiK ToK” songstress gushed that Three Stacks has always been in her top MCs list. “He’s one of my favorite musicians, lyricists, rappers, of all time,” she continued.

André has kept his features to a minimum in recent years, popping up on tracks for Chris Brown, Ciara, and Big Boi, and turning down an offer from Drake.

Following her opening slot on Rihanna’s tour last year, Ke$ha is set to launch her headlining “Get $leazy Tour” on February 15 in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. prismatik



  2. Ron'do

    loooooooveee andre 3000…where are you bro???


  3. D.G.T

    whoa! Her little raps in the beginning of almost all her songs just irked me to death. But this one…. this one is pretty good. Good goin’ Ke$ha!


  4. chixo

    funny how he gave her a verse, but said no to dreezy drake


  5. Brionna

    i wonder how Drake feels about this


  6. Sade

    She has no flow, but whateva


  7. Fre$h@sHeLLsØn

    He could’ve put his weight on the entire song. One word for A3…….Tubular!


  8. you

    i have lost all respect for andre 3000 now.


  9. brittany

    she always looks a hot mess


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