Video: Lil Wayne Performs ‘Green & Yellow’ at Super Bowl Party

Lil Wayne repped for the Green Bay Packers ahead of their victory at Super Bowl XLV by releasing “Green & Yellow.” To celebrate the team’s win, the Young Money chief performed the remix over Wiz Khalifa’s track at his after-party, which took place in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend. The Cheesehead was all smiles as he bigged up the victors alongside Drake and Lil Twist, commanding the crowd while puffing a cigar. Share in Weezy’s excitement by watching the celebratory clip.

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  1. Misty

    Weezy I expect original material from u boo. As in a FRESH beat…No bueno


  2. H•A•M

    Wayne looks so much more happy when he’s not high off his mind. Lol.


  3. Be

    ^ ahh weezy’ specialty is killing everyone else’s shit. Where u been?

    Watch my mother fucking shoes!… love drizzy the only white jew boy in the mob…represent son!


  4. JustSayin

    Wayne doin his thing cant wait to hear C4.


  5. panchita♥

    YOUNqqqq Moneyyy he know’s how to put it down for houstoneee!!!!! head’s up eminem……….. Ms.Carter


  6. ashley

    drake is fuckin straight chillin hahahaha


  7. MJ

    This song’s been out longer than the Super Bowl Shuffle, up North that is!


  8. NATE

    Fuck young money dissin khalifa TAYLOR GANG ALL DAY we be reppin it to the fullest


  9. jacob valentine

    does anyone know what shoes he wearing i want a pair some one help !!


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