Video: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage at Concert

Prince invited fans onstage to dance with him at his “Welcome 2 America” tour stop at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday (Feb. 7). He called up Kim Kardashian, but when the sexy socialite wouldn’t move, the Purple One gave her the boot. “Get off the stage!” he told her. Prince don’t play.

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  1. -

    Yeah kick that overrated hoe off the stage!


  2. MusicIsTJ_Heart

    lol! now see if prince was mean he should of been like whore get off the stage, but he not so he just told her get off. SN: let Prince ask me on stage i’m a dance and have so much fun on stage.


  3. bunny69

    WTF? How you gon get on stage w/Prince and just stand there??? Gurl I was shaking my booty just watching the video!!


  4. jeremydante

    He told the last bitch to get off stage too; making a big deal out nothing. The last chick gets disregarded & Kim makes another headline. Kim’s laughing all the way to the bank so booty bump or no booty bump, she ain’t trippin.


  5. -

    Kim does anything for attention


  6. Toya

    Why did she get picked anyway? It seems unfair. I mean she’s a socialite so she’s around celebrities all the time. Let someone else have that moment.


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    It it wasn’t serious, he did it to the last chick too. Don’t start becoming like MediaTakeOut Rap-Up! lol, I ain’t trying come here to see little stories blown out of proportion.


  8. tell'em

    Its funny how all these hatin’ a## blogs aren’t posting the vid of him inviting her back and her actually dancing. Hate is rampant around these parts.


  9. kelsey

    @tell’em, Aren’t you the same hater who insults Jennifer Lopez constantly? what a hypocrite.


  10. Sharp Tongue

    I know Prince ass is not talking shit he should have been kicked off staged for not coming to perform in Dallas, Texas for the superbowl.


  11. smiley

    What was that song called i really liked it?????? HELP


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