The-Dream Calls On Famous Friends for ‘The Love, IV’ Album


The-Dream is pulling out all the stops. The singer-songwriter, who has worked with everyone from Mariah Carey to Kim Kardashian, is reaching out to an all-star roster for his next album, which he plans to pack with more guest stars than ever before.

Previously called Love Affair, the fourth installemt in his Love series will now be titled The Love, IV, he tells MTV News.

“This album is gonna have more features, which is unique for me, ’cause I usually don’t carry a lot of features,” he says of the follow-up to last year’s Love King. “I’m calling it out now. I’m cashing in my chips. I’m gonna try to get everybody, Wayne, [Kanye], Jay, Drake, Mary, anybody that I’ve worked with or [loaned] a hand to, I’m trying to get on my album.”

Though The-Dream previously announced that he wanted the album out by August, he has set a tentative June 7 date. In addition to working with his partner Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, he also plans to hit the studio with producers Polow Da Don, Carlos McKinney, and possibly Dr. Dre.

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  1. Dillon_68

    YES, can’t wait! I see he’s branching out with more producers, that’s good, although he was just fine with his usual production team.


  2. @lozzamusic

    I thought he had “retired” from making his own music but I can’t wait for this!


  3. oso_jo_o

    can’t wait!


  4. math_

    wasn’t Love King his last album? i remember i read this by the time he was releasing the album…

    well, i like his albums, so that’ll be great :D



    lmao he’s so “desperate” to try and make this album a hit because he KNOWS Christina Milian is taking all that money from his ass. thats why he tryna get some heavy-hitters on there.. #boyBYE…


  6. MusicManiac

    He Should Get Kanye And Ciara On The Same Track!


  7. Shea Butter

    Ugh!!! I really don’t enjoy his music!! I try, I really try but I just can’t get with it. His range in music is soooo limited everything sounds the same!! btw


  8. OMGG




  9. JimStar5

    I really enjoy his music as well I just hope that he increases the length on the standard version on the album. 6/7/11


  10. Gucci Ninja

    All you motha fu%*ing haters can go to hell! The-Dream is one of the best, get off his dick.


  11. R3Bon3

    the dream>>>everyone else


  12. Brittney

    why are some of yall so surprised that he’s dropping another album. On the Love King album on the “Sex Intelligent Remix” he said “6-7-2011 imma drop that Love Affair”…well i guess that’s something only a true fan would know lol


  13. doggs

    Nikki part 3.?


  14. maxol

    Cnt w8… Damn Brittney,u is on point


  15. Alien

    six seven twentyelevin ima drop that love affair…..dats it


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