Video: Chris Brown Shows Off His Rap Skills

Chris Brown reps for real hip-hop in his latest webisode, where he hangs up R&B and spits a greasy 16. Shot in a back alley, the black-and-white clip focuses on Breezy who rhymes about the hardships that come with being famous.

“It’s relevant that I’m better than these veterans/ They sleepin’ on me like I’ve been givin’ them sedatives/ Sometimes I wish I had better friends and better peers/ ‘Cause I know when that cheddar ends, they disappear,” he raps alongside Kevin McCall aka K-Mac.

Flip the script by watching his latest vid.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    he doesn’t know what the hell he wants to do, pathetic!


  2. mt



  3. Neickha

    As most of TeamBreezy should know Chris started off rapping, But then he realized that he could sing and decided to go that route because he was better. And being a singer you are automatically put in this “box” of once you are clarified as a singer “you can’t do anything else but sing” You can tell he has that flow in such songs at “I can transform ya”, “Famous girl”, “Get at cha”, and “Movie”. I like that he is just making music and doing what he love. And he does it with passion and without a care. Music is Music.

    His best raps:
    1. Ransom Freestyle
    2.Real hip hop Sh!t
    3.48 Bar rap
    4. Green Goblin


  4. Funnn

    Shxt Is Dope !


  5. Luke

    SO SIIIIIIIICK!!!!! I aint even gonna hate cos that honestly was tight.


  6. Yeah

    I admit I watch it…
    cool but he will never be better than Trey Lol


  7. Stre3t Danc@

    some1 ban that mofo OnlyBoy from the Breezy stories!!


  8. kiki

    I actualy like it but especially the beat. Gotta love that beat :)


  9. BeautifulCB

    I LOVE IT !!!:D


  10. key

    not bad dude


  11. Kedabreezy

    loooooooovvvvvvvve him and EVERYthing this guy does. <3


  12. King Makers

    wow! wow! Wow! wow! thats as good as it gets

    Breezy is taking over Rap aswell…all you niggaz and bitches should be scared now!

    @niekcha: i heard the same & i agree, but CB will not stay in their box- NEVER!

    Every rapper should be scared now, cos if a super RnB/Pop star can spit like this, whats left for everyone else to claim as special?


  13. zania



  14. tiffany

    fun and old school



  15. Phoenix_Wright

    whats wrong with rapping and singing? I mean drake does it, nicki does it, ja rule did it, trey does it, I mean countless artist have.

    This wasnt bad


  16. .

    who the F U C K cares if he raps…he can do both


  17. Ethan

    some haters don’t respect good music, at least he’s paying tribute to old school like he did with michael jackson! respect the artist not the person, fuck you if you hate him for 1 foolish action..his music>>>>

    GO Chris, you takin over these clowns!


  18. dj

    very good actually, it amazes me that people will find any reason to hate someone or something. I think it says more about you then Chris Brown


  19. LondonBaby

    Let’s see how many of you buy f.a.m.e when it comes out…..smh. I can only hope for great first week sales because those twitter stans haven’t helped any artist thus far….i’m just sayin!!


  20. King Makers

    @Onlyboy: Something like a f*g**t whinner. hold on, you are g*y aint you? Riri asked some nigga to make her feel like the only girl, and you are here begging brovas to make you feel like the only boy Bwahahaha! in fact your name suggest someone trying to be a dude whereas, your comments are very feminin- ! just continue your fight for a better ass plugging like the rest of the negative whinners & nagging bitches up in here. You cant see the art on this page, all you want is just plugging.


  21. Lexx_Janay

    that was nice…i kinda got a old school hiphop vibe from it! cant deny breezy got some niiiiice bars! #TeamBreezy


  22. Nick

    Thank you@king makers!!only boy lonely ass always on chris brown blogs I think he secretly got a crush on him!!lol


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