New Music: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Right There’

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger stakes out her territory on “Right There,” a cut off her debut solo album Killer Love, due in the U.K. on March 21. With a glistening beat courtesy of Jim Jonsin, the spicy jam, co-written by Ester Dean, sees her taking ownership over her man and fending off any girl with the wrong idea.

“No I ain’t never gonna let no girl take him from me/ Never gonna let no girl steal him from me/ Never gonna let no girl get that close now,” she sings. Listen to the lead Pussycat Doll sharpen her claws on the tune below.

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  1. aaiII

    this chick doesnt know who she is. She doent know whether she wants to be black or white. Now she’s tryin to sound like rihanna. geez


    @MrKalebBlake Reply:

    @aaiII, #BREAKINGNEWS–she’s not black or white.


    Arthur Reply:

    @aaiII, She’s Filipino, ignoramus.

    And since when is music black or white? Did Michael teach you nothing?


  2. RealDeal

    the song is not bad. but it sounds like ester dean has written this one for rihanna.


  3. Killer Love

    Her album is AMAZING!!!!!!! And this song is HOT!! I love it!


  4. meme

    Nicole may is well hang it up flat screen, a solo career jus isnt working for her. This sounds too much like rihannas style, I think its has alot to do with the fact that ester dean is behind the fact, who is also responsible for rihanna last 3 hits


  5. Kyle

    This song just SCREAMS Rihanna!!! not really a good look for her IMO.


  6. Killer Love

    @meme She is #1 in the UK. I think solo career works really good for her.


  7. Beacon

    Why no US release date? :(


  8. Killer Love

    @Beacon. Because people in the US don’t appreciate TRUE talent.


    Beacon Reply:

    @Killer Love,

    What happened to people being proud of their country?


    Marlon Reply:

    @Beacon, well,….yeah, what a shame, no patriotic nazis around,….


  9. HerNameIsNicole

    after listening through the songs, i have to say this is the best song on ‘killer love’.
    but the ester dean influence is definitely ‘right there’.


  10. dj_miki

    woww this is amazing HOT track! love her album! she is so talented! love her


  11. Djordje

    Haters, look the other way. Nicole’s back with full strength. She’s one of the most talented singers today, she deserves fame.


  12. Eisthename

    Why posting plobably worst song from her KILLER album.

    BTW Her First single was no3 in the UK and second will be no1 this sunday.
    So why are you saying that SOLO is not working for her?


    PCD Reply:

    @Eisthename, this is one of the best songs on the album. you are clearly deaf and a hater.


    Val Reply:

    @Eisthename is clearly a hater. Go crawl in your hole. This song is GREAT!


  13. Marlon

    don’t really like it. even the song is totally my taste of music, but I don’t like her voice here. It is not really her type of music, I suppose.

    I am sorry for her. She is trying so hard to have success, but she just not fitting in. There is no place in pop buisness for her. It is the same with Kelly Rowland. Both are talented and beautifull, but nobody cares about them………stop trying so hard and give these songs to Rihanna and J-Lo.


  14. infamous

    I love this song.


  15. regg

    this shudda been track 12 on rihanna loud


  16. thadundun

    the entire album is out (in the netherlands at least) and THIS is the song you play?????

    Killer Love, Club Banger Nation, Wet, Right There… and i’m not mentioning the singles! Should’ve stepped up yo listening game, rap-up ;pp


    nikki Reply:

    @thadundun, The rest of the album is pop crap. this is the most urban song. that’s probably why they posted it.

    LMAO @ you liking club banger nation. you have bad taste.


  17. CHRI$

    @ thadundun, the songs u chose are the worst. SMH


  18. robbie

    wow.awesome.cant wait for the ablum,its out next wk!dont hold your breath is doing really well on itunes,such a awesome artist!


  19. Nicole#1Fan

    i love the entire album but the best son is “You Will Be Loved” yu’r da nest Nicolee!!! :)


  20. NAME

    She sounds like Rihanna because Ester Dean wrote it.
    Ester Dean wrote Rude Boy && What’s My Name for Rhi

    either wayy i dont like nicoles music
    its so inconsistant and boring


    bryxxx Reply:

    @NAME, She also wrote S&M, Fading & Complicated


  21. Clyde

    I actually Like It. its pretty gud nd im nt a big niclole fan


  22. maya

    This sounds like a Rihanna song. It’s boring & generic.


    Killer Love Reply:

    @maya, If Rihanna sang this song then you would think that it’s amazing!…

    THIS SONG IS AMAZING. YES OR YES!!! And Nicole is amazing also.


    asunkee Reply:

    @Killer Love, The song’s very generic. It would still be generic is Rihanna sang it. Maya’s right.


  23. Nicki

    hot music is hot music.


  24. TUMTUM

    This is hot.
    And so what if it sounds like the type of music a certain artist sings?
    The voice is far better :)


  25. thaiDONTCARE

    She so much better then this. If it was someone else (Rihanna) perfect fit but from where she came from and her voice she has so much more to offer. Not a total bust just seen more so expecting more.


  26. Nicole#1Fan

    @TUMTUM im wit u!! she is a versatil artist and every type of music fit her :)


  27. Phoenix_Wright

    AYYYYYEEEE yall can’t lie this shit aint catchy

    Funny thing is Rihanna wasn’t the 1st first person to makes songs with a island feel to it. So stans need to chill


  28. Phoenix_Wright

    notice it was co-written by Ester Dean tho…Ester dean has versatility when it comes to her writing but this song, Lose Control, Rude Boy, and What’s My Name all got a familiar feel. Ester can be a little repetitive but great song


  29. Phoenix_Wright

    3rd post in a row, lol I meant this is a catchy song*


  30. ollieoxon

    honestly she needs to put out more music like this because those other slow songs were crap. Or maybe she should just go back to Pcd because they had good music


  31. Adrian

    WOW!!! lets not forget Nicole is also Islander and so her music is going to reflect that as well. Rihanna ain’t the only cick in the game that has that carribean sound, and plus Nicole is just awesome so idgaf. Listen to the song and enjoy. ;D


  32. AV0KZ

    I love this song and I love Nicole! She is so talented. She can sing, dance, act, and she’s different. A mix of pure SEXINESS baby! Get em mamas! ;D


  33. BB

    Nicole is THE SHIT…yeah it sounds like Rihanna, BUT Nicole stomps the shit out of her vocally. Hope she can catch some success in the U.S. like she is in Europe.


  34. Lindalaboriqua

    I think this song is hot. I’ve been singing all my life so I say it’s hot it’s gonna be played on the radio. You watch:-)


  35. K.

    OMG I really paused and checked if it is not Rihanna. No, it’s not a mistake but Nicole made a big mistake singing this song. Not the best for her, not her voice, just like a Rihanna wannabe.


  36. Fame0

    Nicole is amazing! And this song is great!

    oh and all of you ‘haters’, you can’t discuss somebody’s taste in music! If I like certain song, it doesn’t mean you have to like it to! So shut the hell up and BOW TO the most underrated artists in the whole music industry!

    Plus, Ri can’t sing or dance, she just got that carribean flavour!


  37. Angela love Nicole

    Nicole is the best in the world..the song is amazing..and for Rihanna that you say that Nicole copy from Rihanna the mast be stupid..because Nicole is walking on streat that means that Nicole copy the video from Rihanna I don’t think so..Rihanna is in a supermarket Nicole isn’t..Rihanna is in a house and she drink something..Nicole don’t..SO STUP UP OK..I’m so angree..Nicole is the best and she needn’t to copy from someone..the other need to copy from Nicole
    Nicole Scherzinger 4 EVER !!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


  38. Elby Banani

    The Song is realy Amazing ..But nicole voice is not her the best ….Beyonce is Perfeckt & X-tina ;Rihanna,,,,,and c.o :)


    Frans Meekels Reply:

    @Elby Banani, hey Elbi, wo hängst Du heutzutage denn aus. Wollte dich noch zurückschreiben aber mein Computer gab auf und wenn ich zurück kam, warst Du verschwunden :-(
    Lässt noch mal was von Dir hören??
    Wie dem auch sei, wünsche einen schönen Tag :-)))


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