Video: Dr. Dre & Swizz Beatz ‘Chill’ in the Club

Mega-producers Dr. Dre and Swizz Beatz hit the club together earlier this week. Swizzy got on the mic at Hollywood nightclub The Colony and played “Chillin’,” the leaked track he produced for Dre’s Detox.

“You got a liquor cup, put the cups in the air right now. You got a bottle of Patron, put it in the air,” commanded Swizzy as he ad-libbed to the bouncy track, while a camera-shy Dre stayed in the background. “This motherfu**in’ Dre album’s a problem!”

The Bronx beatmaker recently shot four music videos, including one with Eve and another for a record called “International Party” featuring his wife Alicia Keys. Meanwhile, Detox still awaits a release date.

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  1. dankingkemp

    Heck Yeah..)dk


  2. Beystanbish

    Ay ay ay ay ay ay. *waves hand and bounce in my seat*


  3. Pinoy



  4. Kadafi213

    looks like detox will never be released :-|


  5. aron

    no way, take this shit off and put ‘under pressure’ back on dre… wait 12 years for this ‘VIP chillin chillin chillin’ bullshit!


    Smokey Reply:

    ^^^I Agree completely^^^


  6. shorty_A

    ¿No Beats?


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