Lil Wayne Proposes Collaboration to Paris Hilton

Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton

Lil Wayne may be pairing with a fellow convict on his next record. The Young Money rapper and Paris Hilton are cooking up a possible collaboration.

The blonde heiress interviewed Wayne for the April issue of Interview magazine, but Weezy was the one who offered his services. “I was gonna ask you, how are you gonna release an album and don’t get me on it?” he told Paris, who is prepping her sophomore effort for this summer.

“Well, if you would be on the album, then I would be honored,” she replied. “That would be the sickest thing. We should get each other’s phone numbers so we can call each other after the interview or text or something.”

It didn’t take any convincing for Wayne to jump on board. “Cool. Sounds good,” he said before exchanging digits with the socialite.

While they may seem like polar opposites, both celebrities have served hard time and shared their common experiences in the magazine.

Do you think a Lil Wayne-Paris Hilton collabo would be hot? Sound off below.

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  1. mike

    that’s so ILL!!!!!
    im so looking forward Paris new album, her first album was great and the new one will be on par for sure


    Weber from Brazil Reply:

    @mike, me either *———*
    looove her, and I’ve got her debut album Paris!
    that was great <3

    the thing is I did read a coouple days ago in a website that Paris said (when she was 18) she wouldn't ever date a black guy…so hypocrite

    But I'd loooove a collaboration with Lil. Wayne
    I think their song would be a smashing hit *-*


    King Makers Reply:

    @Weber from Brazil, bed wetter! go back to Brazil


  2. Errol

    was Kim Kardashian not available?


  3. Majk

    wayne wanna fuck paris…


    bknyhustle Reply:

    @Majk, lmao you bet


    @Team_Melyssa Reply:

    @Majk, “…she wanna fuck weezy…she wanna rape wayne…and Imma let her.”


  4. Music Lover

    why collab with that self center sl*t who doesnt like black men. i am against it and i will NOT support that spoil self center brat!!


  5. Nehir

    No no no :(


  6. kiki loves left eye

    When did she become relevant again? Scratch that.. when was she ever relevant?! O.O


  7. Michael





  8. wayne

    wayne trya fuck da shit out of her waynes’s beast i know him


  9. wayne

    wayne tryna fxck her dats why waynes’s beast get’em


  10. Alex

    WTF !!!!!!!!


  11. Dueces!!!

    Hell to the NO!!


  12. TRAC-E

    Didn’t she say that she can’t stand Black men?


  13. Sam

    That’s gonna be horrible! I can’t believe Lil Wayne would even consider that.


  14. Taylor

    I can’t wait to hear it.I love Paris and Wayne..Show Kim Kardashian how its done P!She’ll end up coying you like she has on like her career:Reallity show,Car,Carls Jr Commercial,Perfume,Red Carpet poses,Turn It Up song…etc

    Paris i can’t wait for this album :)


  15. Me

    Paris Hilton hasn’t sung since like 2006.
    Her voice on that song was edited so much.
    Let’s face it, Paris is famous only because she’s a Hilton.
    That’s all.


  16. Alexandre

    Will love it :-)


  17. JonneeGirl

    You guys are all haters…….Paris rocks and Weezy rocks….he likes diversity and he has rapped with many different genres of music….”Stars are Blind” is one of my favorite songs!! STOP HATING!! It must be hard to be so jealous all of the time……man…
    I’ve never met Paris, would love to though!! <3
    My family got Weezy out of jail when he was in AZ (McCurley Bail Bonds) I love him and his crew!! <3
    So, regardless of what all you haters say, the album will be one of her best albums especially if Weezy raps on it!! I will be one of the first to buy it!!
    Jonnee McCurley


  18. JamesW012

    ok Paris…hope you know what you may be getting yourself into…it is all about managing risk against possible rewards..will be interesting to see how this plays out ;)


    oso_jo_ro Reply:

    @JamesW012, I agree,it’s pop music, shouldn’t be any serious anyway!


  19. Ann

    Just when she was becoming irrelevant, black men come to her rescue!


  20. gypsy

    The Animal& Ms. Piggy….true Muppets


  21. Sarah

    HOLD THE FUQ UP NOW!! didn’t she say she didn’t like black ppl n won’t even let a black person touch them!! :/ thats fuqed up!!


  22. oso_jo_ro

    that bitch’s album was HOT, and they both have an interesting voice.

    tbh, I can’t wait to see how this ish is gonna turn out to be like.
    #positivity haha!


  23. NOLA BOY

    Handle your business wezzy. He’s a business man. He knows What he’s doing. Just represent NOLA. WHO DAT!


  24. Mel

    I’m going to cry if this actually happens! Whoever said that stars ate blind is their favourite song, please, please, please get your hearing tested!
    Wayne don’t do it!


  25. gfour

    For what it would be waist of time what the rich only do shit with the rich man its ppl starving for a come up and u choose her


  26. p

    lol for some strange reason i think it would actually be quite interesting o_O
    he is probably just saying it as a joke so i dont think people should get so serious about it. Plus i would rather hear him collaborate with her rather than Kim Kardashian, i would be disturbed to hear Kim open her mouth again


  27. nubia

    lil wayne eu te amo o que vc fazer e uma boa……u te amo vc o cara……………….lindo maravilhoso bejossssssss……


  28. Laa

    That bitch is rascist and tone death, who would want to collab with that air head!?


  29. Stre3t Danc@

    Ohh so this is how he wuz plannin on makin other rappers quit LMAO!


  30. babygirl

    My thoughts don’t really matter, but he’s gonna lose a fuckin fan if this happens.


  31. @___@

    haha..yes HE WANNA FUCK HER XDD


  32. li

    I’m starting to get a vision of what Wayne will look like 15 years from now.


  33. Morgan

    Wayne your the man but pleeeeeaaase don’t lower your standards and reputation to “collaborate” with the spoiled self centered fame-whore Paris Hilton..Just not a good look..


  34. Phil4Real

    I agree with most of the guys on this, Wayne heard she didn’t like black men and he’s trying to change her perspective on that topic. Get dat Weezy, matter of fact you can shut her up too while ya at it.


  35. Michael



  36. Manu

    dude listen, stay with J-Lo and leave this boring Paris bitch out.

    I’M INTO YOU will be a smash. But Paris will suck,….

    Paris is over. Nobody cares about her anymore…


  37. Alfred Islas

    People acting like Wayne has to lower his standards for Paris Hilton. Young Money = Low Standards already.


  38. World Spinner || Lil Wayne Proposes Collaboration to Paris Hilton…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  39. phalanxfan

    isn’t associating with known criminals a violation of his probation?


  40. maya

    I just…*sighs* like really Wayne? I’m not a fan of wayne, I think he’s not a very good rapper but GOT DAMN I would have so much respect for him if he choose a REAL vocalist. Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis. I know there’s not many 2 choose from these days being that every dumb bitch in the industry uses auto tune but Paris Hilton? Really? Is Rebecca Black to busy or something?… SMH -__-


  41. Written by Cyrus Langhorne | Apple Online

    [...] review also led to a probable collaboration being in a works. The blonde heiress interviewed Wayne for a Apr emanate of Interview magazine, [...]

  42. brittany

    wait isn’t this the same bitch that said black guys are gross


  43. Brionna

    im not fuckin w/ wayne any more if he collabs W/ her she doesn’t like black men so y do it?


  44. Mizthang

    This is a joke!!! This is an insult to wayne after she stated that she WOULD NOT fuck a man that had 1% of black in him. WEEZY SHE IS USING YOU TO GET FAMOUS SINCE SHE HASNT BEEN IN THE LIME LIGHT IN FOREVER!!! and lets be serious she cant sing. so the only good thing about that song is WEEZY


  45. denis gwandira

    thts cool wil be lukin forwardto it!!!!


  46. prismatik

    agree with every comment that said Wayne wants to F Paris lol this is the worst collab ever


  47. ppa

    leave Wayne alone. fuck dat bitch man


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