Video: Jessie J Performs on ‘Ellen’

Jessie J continued charming American audiences on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” performing her hit “Price Tag” from her debut album Who You Are. The British export also belted out her latest single “Nobody’s Perfect” in the non-televised portion of the show. Watch the encore performance below.

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  1. Natasha

    She is amazing


  2. Prada-G

    This song is beast!! And so is Jessie J! Bought her album last night and its FIREE! Bringing back real feel good music, writes her own songs, and is a vocal POWERHOUSE! The industry needs more of these kinds of artists


  3. Dante

    Her Price Tag performances are always good, but “Nobody’s Perfect” is just on a different level than “Price Tag.” The band killed it and Jessie J SLAYYYED! I hope she around for years to come!


  4. WonderLand19


    America, please make her No.1 or even top 10 :)


  5. Dave

    Still slaying!


  6. maya

    WOAH! I’ve seen pics of her & I was like ugh just another auto tuned, crazy outfit wearing, mess but damn SHE’S DOPE & actually knows how to sing!


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