Lauryn Hill Cranks Up Coachella

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill was in good spirits during her first Coachella appearance. L. Boogie, draped in a flowing blue-and-white striped dress under a cropped leather jacket, was running a little behind for her set and had some sound problems early on, but she didn’t disappoint the sweaty fans who braved the desert heat to catch her on the main stage.

The former Fugees frontwoman and her band reworked favorites like “The Sweetest Thing” and “Ex-Factor,” adding in Fugees classics including “Ready or Not” and “Fu-Gee-La.” “It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t leave you with one more tune,” said Ms. Hill before singing her Grammy-winning opus “Doo Wop (That Thing)” with her backup singers.

“We love you. We gotta do this again. Bless and love Coachella,” she told the audience before making her exit.

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  1. jeremydante

    her voice is ruined :\


    Vera Reply:

    @jeremydante, it isn’t there was obviously something wrong with the sound.


    phard Reply:

    @jeremydante, shes been singing LIVE the last 2 months non-stop so her voice is horse and tired. You can clearly hear that, especially when she hit some of her high notes that her voice is still there.Unlike some artist when you go see lauryn, your going to hear a live show-not pre recorded vocals and back tracking.


    shay Reply:


    her voice sounds fine. yeah its not perfect but i would rather here this than a back up/lipsynched perfomance.


    ty Reply:

    @jeremydante, we saw her up in pdx just now and her voice was strong. not hitting all the same notes but still great. rap flow was strong too. her band was a bit weak but so what. I heard the LA show was strong too. it was great to see her


  2. ...

    I still can’t understand why she’s late to every performance. Yes, being a singer involves lots of stuff and sometimes it’s out of your control, but has she been on time for ANY performance since she started performing again? Be a professional, Miss Hill.


  3. gaga blanco

    this look is not workin for her


  4. 5f

    the Legendary L hills doing her thing.


  5. Yaya

    She is still one of the best. I enjoyed this performance. I do agree she needs to show up on time, like when I go to see her Monday at Club Nokia lol. But she is worth the wait.


  6. DJ

    Haters, Lawed will you please stopped the hating. You would be late to if you had 5 kids, people how won’t leave you alone, always talking about nothing on the internet. Maybe she wants to be fashionably late.


    aaliyah Reply:

    @DJ, How is that hating???? A job is a job. Just because you have kids/etc doesn’t mean you get an OK to be late. I’m not talking about this event, but in general it’s not fair to make people wait. People who made room in their schedule, people who spent money just to see you. Just because people get irritated by that, that means they’re hating?


  7. DRB

    I loved the show. Great arrangements, the band is great. I could still sing along.

    I wish her voice was healthier, but I know how many shows she’s been doing and the show didn’t suffer b/c of it.


  8. EL

    May 7th. Get here. New Orleans is going to give you all the love back and then some.



  9. Noringtone

    Man i just love Lauryn Hill’s shows. Can’t wait for her next album.


  10. Divine from jp

    She was so dynamic and talented when she came with band “the fugees” in 1996 Tokyo. and She still not gonna give up these battle…She always dedicated me the sense of hip hop. I appreciate that :)


  11. O.

    Ok, yall gotta start showing sum respect. Who cares about her outfit?! She’s not a fashion designer, she’s a singer! And i love her singing, no matter what yall say.. Yes her voice changed, but so will yours! Believe me, its just the things that come with age, you wont sound the exact same in 10 years u do now.


  12. truthwill

    She was not late. She was ready on time. The stage was not ready. If you watched the live feed they were having sound problems as they had all day on that stage. If you notice her dj’s sound was never turned on the whole performance, and he usually lends his voice to her performance. Her voice has been there beautifully for this whole second leg of her tour. She was raspy for this performance, but she worked with what she had that day and moved the crowd. Way to go Ms Hill!!!


  13. C94B

    Oh come on man, this style doesn’t fit her ? I don’t agree. I think she’s beautiful and looks cute with that dress and the hat.


  14. lisa

    lauryn is BACK


  15. Nik

    On her voice. It’s a conscious choice she’s making to keep her voice as real and as powerful as her rap voice. She says so. It’s an artistic choice. So if you don’t like it, sorry.

    As far as being late for performances. It’s also an artistic choice to A)warm up, make sure things are good. And B) by being late it’s an artistic choice to play for those people who really WANT to be there. She’s been turned on big time by so many fans in the past, and even presently (people complaining about her musical arrangements). She’s an artist. Everything she does is purposeful.


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