Jennifer Lopez, Drake Join ‘Ice Age 4’ Cast

Jennifer Lopez and Drake

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are getting animated. The superstars have been tapped to lend their vocal talents to 20th Century Fox’s Ice Age: Continental Drift, joining a cast that includes Keke Palmer, Jeremy Renner, Aziz Ansari, and Wanda Sykes in the fourth installment of the franchise.

The animated film, set for release on July 13, 2012, also sees actors Queen Latifah, Ray Romano, Denis Leary, and more reprising their roles from previous films. J.Lo is slated to play Shira, a sabre toothed who catches another tiger’s eye, while the Young Money rapper will voice a character named Ethan, according to

The two stars will be warming up their vocal chops with their upcoming album releases. The “American Idol” judge will drop LOVE? on May 3, while Drizzy is currently working on his highly-anticipated sophomore LP Take Care.

The Canadian entertainer recently pulled out of the big screen drama Arbitrage so he could focus on his music. “I actually decided to work on my album instead of doing that particular film,” he told MTV News.

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  1. RD

    that,s nice,drake is doing is thing.


  2. Calderon

    Cant Wait 4 JLo’s Album “LOVE?” Out May 3rd :D


  3. gond

    God damn, J.Lo is steamin’ hot!!!


  4. Anonymous

    [...] [...]

  5. Morrison

    My kids will love this!


  6. jennifer

    yeah ! love the Ice Age. Wanda is hilarious. Doesn’t say what kind of role Renner will play but I am sure he will be a hottie!


  7. Lawea

    LOVE Keke Palmer! :)


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  9. latonya

    good 4 him, he been talking about keep his acting career up and running after his debut album dropped


  10. truthfully

    I’m so happy that J Lo is back in the game….so tired of beyonce right now. Besides J Lo is the real latina…beyonce is a phoney.

    J Lo doesn’t have to where wigs and lace-fronts to be beautiful. She’s beautifully natural


    Pinky Reply:

    @truthfully, Beyonce doesn’t try to be Latin so what are you talking about??? And if you think that J Lo doesn’t wear wigs or hair exstensions then you really don’t know what you are talking about. The difference between J Lo and Beyonce is that J Lo can act and dance and Beyonce can actually really sing.


  11. kikki

    Ok someone needs to help Drake with his looks/image/appearance cos this distressed look is not working for him, he has definitely taking over the edge. You dont need a stylist to get a haircut and a clean shave or trim, you need a barber. *_*


    pritybritty Reply:

    @kikki, lol i didnt even see your comment before i wrote mine but im backin you 100 lol


  12. Lala

    I see it cuz of drake


  13. dia

    I’m happy for Drake, I know he will do great


  14. Marlon

    I heart J-Lo will be a BUTTOSAURUS in IceAge4 ;-)


  15. amy



  16. dee

    Yea Drizzy put Tdot on the map. Good 4 him


  17. pritybritty

    really tho drake its not going to kill you trim that thing on your face lol cant wait to take my baby to see it :)))


  18. DezeBoo

    YAY , Oooo an do u guy’s know NICKI’S in the movie also !!!


  19. Morrie

    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise anewrss. Thanks!


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