Video: Ciara Leaps Into Action on ‘Hellcats’

Ciara showed off her best moves on The CW’s cheerleading series “Hellcats,” guest starring as herself as she judged a dance competition between two of the characters. CiCi, once a cheerleader herself, performed “Gimmie Dat” in the Debbie Allen-directed episode “Land of 1,000 Dances.”

“Coming from my world when it comes to shooting music videos and doing all the dancing and stuff, it’s fun, but it’s almost like you get even more excited because it’s kind of a very lightweight, small way of collaborating,” she told Zap2it. “So it’s almost like I got a chance to collaborate with Debbie Allen, and that felt really special to me.”

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  1. Stacy

    Ciara is amazing. Can’t wait until she comes back strong with a better label!

    Debbie Allen is a legend. Love the way she shot Ciara in motion.


  2. BitchesIsMySons

    Wow Ciara It’s Come To This That You Have To Perform Songs On A Television Show That Nobody Really Watches Wow Ciara When You Fell You Fell HARD!!!


    Nait Phoenix Reply:

    @BitchesIsMySons, sorry, was that what your mother said after that nasty fall as an infant?


    Dave Reply:

    @BitchesIsMySons, Hellcats is a hit series. So fail! & wait… are you getting a paycheck for it? No. So you lose & fail again.


  3. Lukas

    love Aly & AJ on this show!


  4. @FuckCiaraHaters

    WOW she still relevant so u bomb ass broke bitches are irrelevant to her success get use to Ciara is here to stay BITCHES!!


  5. Sleazy

    Ciara is coming it can take many flops but ci is coming! remember janet jackson 1st 2 albums flopd heavy and nw she a legend. ci needs to find a sound that appeals to both pop and urb a label that supports thats it! she gona be back tell your favs she coming to snatch every wig they own! and when ci comes she will snatch mre than wigs! she will tap dance on your fav weave! get em cici!


  6. kikiiii

    ciara!! <3 i actually like to watch hellcats, can't wait to see her on it.


  7. xIndo

    Her voice is so beautiful,
    I really like to see her perform Gimmie Dat,
    &nd I find it sad, that the album didn’t work out that wel, because I really love it ;l


  8. meme

    ciara really really like really cant sing. how voice mite be weaker than cassies


  9. chitwnborn



  10. Crazzzy beeetch

    Flop! urban music is dying. do dance-pop and you won’t be a flop anymore.


  11. Jay

    That’s wussup! Ciara killed it! I definitely wanna see her in more tv.


  12. Heminem

    This TV show makes no sense. If it was real life why would Ciara perform at a school!





  14. caronda.h

    girl yourburtiyful…latter


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