Video: When Chris Brown Was 17

Chris Brown

Chris Brown didn’t have a typical childhood. When he was 17, the Tappahannock-born singer was topping the charts with his self-titled debut album. An energetic teen at the time, he was mixing up his fashion, getting home schooled so he could get his high school diploma, and taking tips from older crooner Tank. “As a male vocalist, he’s one of the pioneers for me,” explained a now 22-year-old Breezy.

He also shared—in graphic detail—his most embarrassing moment when he got food poisoning during a concert and “sharted” onstage. A BB gun fight ended with him having to pay $50,000 after he shot the water sprinkler. Chris, a martial arts fan, recalled performing at the 2007 Grammys after injuring his ankle, but still killing his performance.

Flash back to only five short years ago with the R&B superstar for MTV’s “When I Was 17.”


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  1. Neickha

    ahha eww Chris.. Still love ya though lol.


  2. Lola



  3. Phoenix_Wright

    I forgot about that performance @ the grammys, it was crazy!


    Neickha Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, That’s my favorite performance :) I like the AMA’s I think it was, when he did a mini tribute “Jail House Rock” by Elvis Presley


  4. Mr Xclusive

    chris is so cool!!!!


  5. .

    haha gotta love chris


  6. kingzzz

    i wish i was one of his friends
    one of the coolest man on this earth

    and meeeeeeeeen the grammy performance was one of the best performance of aaaaaall time
    NO one of the other atists nowadays would be able to do the same!! and his leg was damaged!!!
    this is a real artsit, a legend


  7. jofan

    HELLS YEA!This is why I f*cks wit CB his leg was effed up and he still SLAYED!


  8. Laura

    Gotta love him


  9. brittany

    he look so cute in this pic


  10. Heminem

    Eeeeew. I cant get that crap story out of my head.


    MaeMae1234 Reply:

    @Heminem, lol rite that is some nasty stuff…..but funny


  11. logan

    hes my idol hes so freakin sexy and cute im 12 and i hope he got a lil brother i got his fame cd its awesome!! i will deff be goin to his concerts soon happy related birthday may 5!!<3 breezy<33333


  12. Lisa

    His eyes lit up when he talks about his youth. Haha, I love it.


  13. lala23



  14. maya

    OMG! Everything about him is adorable. The doo doo story is fucking nasty lml, no excuses, that shit was just nasty lol ANYWAY! I didn’t know he finished school & got his diploma, w| a 3.9 GPA at that! Respect him even more!


  15. mithy

    is very good to know about his life.

    everything good..

    come back soon to BRAZIL



  16. Newshaa

    LOOL he’s too funny!


  17. Marlon

    he is really not the best looking guy out there………


    Trac-E Reply:

    @Marlon, haha what does that have to do with anything? I like the fact that he looks like he could be one of the students on my college campus ;)


    maya Reply:

    @Marlon, bitch bye!


  18. mims

    hahaha hes so cute..i luv him n im going to watch his performance again :D


  19. Fan of a fan

    Love him !!!


  20. melanie

    chris brown is supper hot nd sexy. that lil info bout the embarrassing incident so wat i happened to me once sooo bigg whoop hes still hot nd sexy nd i still 100%% support him



  21. ayumi dougie

    This is so cOOl


  22. MaeMae1234

    This was hella funny u gotta love him he’s just filled with joy and laughter what a great guy….. love u Chris Brown #TeamBreezy


  23. sammy

    ooooo chris is into anime so am i lol bless him


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