Kanye West and Jamie Foxx Perform at Cannes Film Festival [Video]

Kanye West

Hollywood’s hotshots migrated to Cannes, France, for the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, where they were treated to top-notch entertainment from music superstars like Lady Gaga and Kanye West.

Yeezy, dressed in all white with black sneakers, performed an exclusive set at the Red Granite party at Carlton Beach, bringing special guest Jamie Foxx to the white stage for their smash “Gold Digger.”

“Kanye, man, keep doing your thing. Love this dude,” said the Oscar winner.

Our invitation must have got lost in the mail, so we’ll have to settle for this YouTube footage.

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  1. Bidimensional(2D)

    Goooooold Digger!! YEAH!


  2. C94B

    Hey, Kanye looks genuinely enthusiastic ! Haha, I’m proud to be French on that one. There may not have been thousands on this venue, but the crowd was quite noisy. Nice.


  3. Heminem

    She runnin round lookin like Michael with ya money
    Top 5 lines of all time!


  4. Aquierra

    Sheesh, I wish I was there :(


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